• AO – J-Town
  • Temp – 39 degrees
  • 0530–615
  • Q – Spackler


Pax: Jitterbug (RESPECT) , Earhardt, Blacktop , Heisenberg (RESPECT) , Ranger , Gold Digger, Drysdale (RESPECT) , Streamer , Prophet , Bootlegger , Bodett , Spackler (RESPECT)


This was just  YHC’s second post to JTown. I had a great beatdown last week on first post with Gold Digger on Q.  ….I arrived at aforementioned AO with plenty of time to spare after picking up fellow pax & fellow Wolfpack fan Bodett . Around 5:20 another Pax from my neck of the woods arrived on the scene . Jitterbug !!! ….. At 5:30 a crew of 12 is ready for their DRP. Let the Fun Begin !


Mission Statement is delivered; There are no FNG’s…..We are off for a moving WAR.  Circle Up.


WAR #1

  • SSH (20 IC)
  • Copperhead Squats (20 IC)


WAR #2

  • String Rippers (20 IC)
  • Mountain Climbers (20 IC)
  • Merkins (20 SC)
  • Plank Jacks (20 IC)
  • Sun Gods (F & R)
  • Burpees (5 OYO)


Partner up for DORA 1,2,3…Partner A stays home does cumalative total of exercises below while Partner B Bear Crawls to first cone, Runs to second cone & returns to relieve Partner A.

  • MERKINS – 100
  • LBC’s –   200
  • Squats – 300

Note: It was very quiet this AM. Very little mumble chatter. Pax was here to GET-R-DONE !


With hearts rates sufficiently elevated & after a couple of 10 counts we MOSEYED to


Switch Partners …..Partner Blimps. Partner A stays home & AMRAPS while Partner B runs 100 yds across parking lot & returns to relieve Partner.

B- Burpees


I- Imperial Walkers


P-Plank Jacks



MOSEY Back to Shovel Flag Location for




Switch Partners one more time. Partner A does  BTW while Partner B runs around building. Rinse & Repeat.


OMAHA CALLED @ approx . 6:05 for 6MOM


  • Crunchy Frogs (15 IC)
  • LSF’s (15 IC)
  • Dying Cockroach (15 IC)
  • American Hammer (10 IC)



  • There were some technical difficulties with video so unfortunately didn’t get announcements recorded. However if memory serves me correctly.
  • Housing Service Project 3/16/19


Final Note: YHC appreciates sincerely appreciates all PAX who came out today. I post with Jitterbug & Bodett frequently. Thanks for driving across town & supporting me. Prophet & Gold Digger , enjoyed working out with ya’ll again . Come into the city once in a while. Good seeing Streamer, Heisenberg, Drysdale, & Earhardt again. Got to post with 3 new Pax for first time…. Blacktop, Ranger, & Bootlegger. Great job today Men !


Jitterbug took us out.