Warrior Nutrition Challenge 2019

It’s time again for another F3 Nutrition Challenge.  There was a lot of talk that we needed to have a post Superbowl challenge, so here we go.  I think we’ve all learned that exercise alone will not help us achieve our fitness and weight goals, so eating the right food is a key part of our success

The program is split into three categories, the base program, accelerator options and the weekly challenges (this keeps it interesting).

The Base Program:

This is the bare minimum (minimal effort, minimal results) to participate.

The “Accelerator” Options:

These are optional additional commitments designed to get you better and quicker results. You may select none, all, or any number. The Weekly Challenge: These will be challenges thrown out week to week to keep things interesting. Remember that this is a verbal commitment to your fellow PAX. Expect to be held accountable and think of your brothers out in the trenches with you when you feel your will power wavering.

Start Date: Monday, February 11, 2019

Base Program:

  • No Fried Foods
  • No Fast Food (including pizza)
  • No Bread
  • No Pasta
  • No Artificial Fats
  • No High Fat Meat (Bacon, Ribeye, Strip, Chuck, Hamburger, Ribs, Dark Chicken, Wings etc.)
  • No High-Processed Foods (Potato Chips, Snack Foods, Etc.)
  • No Sugar-Sweetened Desserts (cookies, ice cream, etc.) Fruit is GREAT!
  • No artificially sweetened drinks (soda, gatorade, powerade, etc.) or Sweet Tea
  • No eating 2 hours before bedtime (SUPER important)

You will receive ONE cheat MEAL (not day) per week – Try to keep it in moderation – Example; Have a burger, but make it at home and skip the fries OR Have a couple beers (not 6). Don’t sabotage yourself.

Accelerator Options:

These options may be added to the base program a la cart and are designed to boost your results. You may choose just one, all, or any number in between. 

  • Consume 3 to 5 servings of vegetables per day
  • Consume 1.0 to 2.0 grams of HIGH QUALITY protein per day per pound of LEAN body weight (you will likely need to supplement to hit these numbers; remember, no artificial sweeteners or sugar. Be leery of flavored whey protein powders; they’re sugar bombs more often than not)
  • No High Fat Dairy (Cheese, Heavy Cream, Sour Cream) etc.
  • Eat a BALANCED breakfast EVERYDAY
  • Consume only high-quality, nutrient-dense grains (Quinoa, Buckwheat, Barley ect. No white rice)
  • No packaged/processed food– (Think PLU# over barcodes)
  • Consume between 100 to 150 grams of Complex Carbohydrates per day (If you feeling very low energy, increase to 150g to 200g)

Weekly Challenges:

These will be thrown in each Friday as we move through the program.

WEEK ONE  Take this first week to begin The Challenge.

WEEK TWO thru SIX  To be announce by YHC via Twitter.

We’re all in this together, so if you have questions or are struggling, reach out to the group.  I’m sure we’ve all experienced struggles with this challenge.

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