The Day that Schnitzel Got his Butt Handed to Him

  • AO: Cornwallis Nightmare
  • Saturday, February 9th, 2019
  • 07:00-08:00

Pax (18)

Wojo, Ketchup, Spam, Sacked (RESPECT), Dontcha Know (RESPECT), Snowflake (RESPECT), Apollo, Windmill (RESPECT), Phoenix, Schnitzel, Stage Fright, Tommy Boy, Mud Flap (RESPECT), 3 for 1, Stretch (RESPECT), Bruce Lee, Wicked



As usual when given the chance to Q the Nightmare, YHC arrived early to set out some coupons and drive some stakes into the ground for an ambitious beatdown to be served up to the PAX.   After laying down the gauntlet, YHC was spotted by none other than his good friend Wicked looking to play with Ketchup.  What were they playing?  600 repeats!  YHC was talked into 1 round before bowing out to prepare for the arrival of the remainder of the PAX. Standing by Old Glory, Schnitzel and gang had arrived and mentioned that the weather was much cooler.  Schnitzel mentioned that it was hard to imagine that just a couple days ago, he was sweating his butt off.  YHC was happy to let him know that it was ok that he sweated his butt off because it was just about to be handed back to him!  The group retort was:  Hoosier, you are the Q??  Is it too late to post at Cougar Town?? Finally, 7am arrived!  Time to have fun!

Greetings, disclaimer, and the mission statement was covered and we were off:


  • PAX!  Form two lines!  Indian Run to the gate and back to the church parking lot.  Let the mumble chatter begin. we miss the sun gods and side straddle hops!!
  • SSH (20 IC)
  • Abe Pagoda (15 IC)
  • String Rippers (15 IC)
  • Sun Gods (15 IC both directions)
  • High Knees from one speed bump to the next
  • Butt Kickers from one speed bump to the next
  • Karaoke from one speed bump to the next then the other direction

The Thang 1

The PAX moseyed over to the REC Center for a round offffff……Bring Sally!  To the music ‘Flower’ by Moby.  Start in chilcutt plank.  Each time the lyrics say ‘Bring Sally Up’ the PAX goes up to full plank.  Each time the lyrics say ‘Bring Sally Down’  the PAX goes back down to chilcutt plank.  Tommy Boy took mumble chatter to the next level by launching a barrage of hate towards bands that wrote beat down songs!  The PAX collapsed after the song only long enough to mosey to the baseball field for….

The Thang 2

YHC announced that there would be two groups.  One group to get a great workout and the other group of Sugar Rays.

 Start at home plate.

  • Non-Sugar Rays – LBC – 25 IC 
  • Sugar Rays – Wheelbarrow from home plate to first then second base.  Partner Flip Flop.  Wheelbarrow from second base to third then back to home plate

Run to Left Field Corner

  • Non-Sugar Rays – 15 Burpees
  • Sugar Rays – 15 Block Burpees …. burpees with a cinder block

Run to Center Field to perform Round 1 only

  • Round 1 – Wojo Squats (25)
  • Round 2 – Lieutenant Dan (25)
  • Round 3 – Jumping Lunges (25 each leg)

Run to Right Field Corner to perform Round 1 only

  • Round 1 – Diamond Merkins (25)
  • Round 2 – Merkins (25)
  • Round 3 – Werkins (25)

Run to Home Plate and rinse and repeat for round 2.  Complete round 2,  then rinse and repeat for round 3.


  • On your 6:
    • Low Slow Flutters (option to Sugar Rays to do so in crucifix position) 20IC
    • Alabama Prom Dates 20IC
    • Pickle Pushers 20IC
    • Monkey Humpers 20IC
    • American Hammers 20 IC



Dontcha Know – Community Housing Solutions March 16th.  If we are not helping out the community, we really aren’t doing what we should be doing.

Dontcha Know – Nutritional Challenge starts on Monday.  Dontcha Know sent out a message on Twitter.  Let Dontcha Know if you want to be a part of that.  6 weeks of nutritional goodness!  Mumble Chatter was great here!  Eating cardboard for breakfast!!

Windmill – Bequeathed the weekly Mean Gene Okerlund (Windmill called the wrestling god Billy Jean with great laughter from the PAX) to his prime example of F3 with a southern thing ‘if you dont have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’.  Great Q etc…etc….  Goes to non-other than Sacked!

Stretch – Public Service announcement – What is the 14th?  If you haven’t gone to the hardware store, you might want to do that now.  Everything is available on the 13th, nothing is available on the 14th.  The flowers are not the gift, they just go with the gift!  Just trying to help you out!

Sacked – Feb 23rd – Coffeteria convergence at the Special Blend. Expecting big numbers!

Sacked – Feb 13th from 5-7pm, Humpday Happy Hour at Natty Greens.  10% of the funds will go to the One to One Mentoring.  Some of our PAX are mentoring younger men.  The funds will go a long way to help that effort!

Wicked took the PAX out!

Be Blessed!


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