BOMBS are painful

Thanks to Udder’s EH, YHC got a hallpass from M to come to the fine AO of Nordic Tract. YHC actually never came here before, and to be prepared for leading the Q got there half hour early. 5 minute before 7am no PAX has been found, the nervous Q quickly shot out to Udders a txt asking where is everyone. Thankfully he responded and the Q quickly found the actual place of convergence.

Quick warmarama of SSH, cotton pickers, Sun Gods. Then moseyed to the front of school for 7s. 1 imperial walker, mosey down to 10 yards and then 6 mountain climbers. Repeat with 2 imperial walkers and 5 mountain climbers, until finished 6 imperials and 1 mountain. Immediately PAX went to Q’s car to pick up a few bricks before heading out to the stadium for the THANG.

THANG. 2-man partner BOMBS, burpees-overhead claps-merkins-bigboy situps-squats. #1 runs down 50 yards and back while #2 performs excercises that accumulates up to: 100 burpees, 200 overhead claps with bricks, 300 merkins, 400 big boy situps, 500 squats. It was hard, Q started with 17 burpees, then next time 15, next time 10. Took forever to finish those burpees. Overhead claps seemed like a respite between the burpees and merkins but the bricks added extra shoulder pain. Towards the end of merkins the Q and LaRue couldn’t feel our arms and modified to incline merkins. Everyone said it was awful. This was a 40-min grind. Omaha was finally called during squats. Bricks were put back, and moseyed back for simple

MOM of 25x American Hammers.

There were some laughter regarding how brutal the THANG was.

Jacob was named LaRue. He is a 8th grader at Northwest Middle, a basketball player as tall as the Q. He loves history, recently won an award for history contest. The Q had wanted to name him Yao Ming; I mean why wouldn’t I pick the greatest basketball player? But the pax settled on “rusty”, but due to repeats we finally settled on LaRue.

PAX accomplished nearly 4 miles and individually completed 700 total of reps. Awful.

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