Los Tres Amigos

Cornwallis Nightmare, Jaycee Park, Saturday, February 2, 2019

32 pax gathered at Jaycee Park for a three-man, tres amigos, three for the price of one, triple threat Q with MudFlap, Rocket, and DialUp.

Pax: Snowflake (Respect!), Windmill (Respect!), Stretch (Respect!), Mall Cop, Sacked (Respect!), Drysdale (Respect!), Stage Fright, Wingman (Respect!), Guiding Light, Brandy (Respect!), Birdsnest, POEHLER, TommyBoy, G-String, Wojo, Bedbug, ScoobyDo (Respect!), Matlock , DonChaKnow (Respect!), Xerox (Respect!), Blue Oyster, Phoenix, Ramsis, Sir Isaac (Respect!), Spam, Flat Rate (Respect!), LongTime, MudFlap – QIC (Respect!), Rocket – QIC, Dial Up – QIC (Respect!), FNG-Tarzan, FNG-Magellan

As if from a teleprompter, Rocket shared the F3 mission and disclaimer, making more than certain the pax knew we were not professionals.  The pax then mosey’d to the Church parking lot for warmarama.


SSH, Sun Gods (forward & back), Chinooks, Imperial Walker, Windmill, String Ripper, Mt. Climber, Merkins (in cadence).  Mosey to rec center.  

Lots of mumble chatter. Love this group.  Merkins “in cadence”; that’s a slow roll.


  • D – Derkin (decline merkin)
  • I – Irkin (incline merkin)
  • A – Angle Grinder
  • L – Lt. Danger (see https://f3nation.com/exercises/)
  • U – U pick (lots of choices still available)
  • P – Plank-jack merkin
  • S – Spiderman merkin

15 each, run to the parking lot and back, SSH for the six, increment count if so inclined.

Indian run to the gate.


A three-man grinder (theme) with pavers at station 3

Station1 – Copperhead squats (25 IC), Plank Jacks (25 IC), Lunges (10 ea), Carolina Dry Docks (20)

Station2 – Mt Climbers (25 IC), Wojo squats (25), Plank Jacks (25 IC), Crab Cakes (25 IC)

Station3 – Overhead press (25), Curls (25), Goblet squat (20), Clean & press (20)

6MOM:  Thank you MudFlap for a rolling Mary.  low slow flutter (12 IC), high dolly (12 IC), low dolly (12 IC), American Hammer (20 IC)


Feb 23 – Coffee convergence at Special Blend

March 16 – Community Housing – project tbd, block out some time

COT: TommyBoy took us out.  Ask for help if you need it.  Keep an ear open for someone that might need help


  • Thank you for the opportunity to lead my F3 brothers! It was an honor.
  • Thank you MudFlap and Rocket; I really enjoyed doing this with you; it was a blast.
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