Dang Those 40 lb dumbbells

February 7 and we were greeted at Sweat Angel with 63 degree temperature. Great conditions to do some outdoor strength training. A PAX of 15 men including YHC showed up and gave a 100%.

PAX: Spackler, Stage Fright, Mr. Belding, Jitterbug, Bodett, Short Circuit, Rocket, Long Time, Phoenix, Streamer, Bulldog, Dont Cha Know, Etch-A-Sketch, Snookie, Sacked – QIC

After the opening welcome we got right after it.


  • Sun Gods x 15IC ea direction
  • Peter Parker’s x 15IC
  • Windmills x 15IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 15IC


The PAX counted off in sevens (1-7). In a circle there were 7 stations with 2 PAX starting at each station (with 3 together at one station). The first station was Overhead Press which was also the counting station for all other stations. The reps were always 20 single count. We performed 3 sets of 20 reps and then the PAX would rotate clockwise to the next stations. All teams cycled through all 7 stations twice.

  • Station 1 = OVERHEAD PRESS
  • Station 2 = SQUATS
  • Station 3 = CURLS
  • Station 4 = BENT ROW
  • Station 5 = LUNGES STATIC
  • Station 6 = TRICEP KICKBACKS
  • Station 7 = LATERAL RAISES

We were able to cycle through the complete circuit twice.


  • Dying Cockroach x 20IC
  • American Hammer x 20IC



  1. Coffeeteria Convergence after the workouts on Feb 23 at A SPECIAL BLEND
  2. Short Circuit – prayers requested for Sir Charles who is having open heart surgery on March 6
  3. Short Circuit – the first F3 Natville Podcast hosted by SC and featured our very own Tommy Boy is up and rolling. Check it out. Next featured PAX member coming next week
  4. Dont Cha Know – FIrst 2019 Community Housing service project will be on March 16. More details coming but mark the date
  5. Long Time – reminded us to reach out and encourage PAX members who have not posted for a while or are having a battle getting out to the workouts.
  6. Bull Dog – every Thursday after the workouts come to Starbucks on Battleground for fellowship and discussion


  • All of the guys did a great job at the work out. The 40 lb dumbbells at the Overhead Press station was a challenge and brought out some great mumble chatter and inspiration as PAX members took on the challenge. Well done men.
  • Always great having Snookie in the gloom.
  • Mr. Belding pushed it this morning. Great effort. Glad the Merlot spill did not transpire
  • Thanks for the partnering this morning Streamer.
  • Jitterbug’s cadence calling is top shelf
  • TClaps to the double dippers who rucked EC before the workout


Aye, Sacked

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