Reliving Old Memories (nightmares) at Cadet Lab

Cadet Lab – Tuesday 02/05/2019, Oak Ridge Town Park


PAX:  Convoy, Bulldog, Sneakers, Snowbird, Polo, Double Check, Nails, Byrider, Pitino, Misfire, Spurrier (QIC)


On an unusually mild February morning, the gloom gave birth to a PAX of 11 at Cadet Lab in Oak Ridge, NC.  This week marks YHC’s 3rd anniversary with F3, so a celebration was undoubtedly in order.  But the PAX was warned in an earlier tweet that we would visit the worst of the worst this AM, and that still didn’t deter this chatty bunch who was begging for a challenge.  The workout played out something like this…



Thank you to our Site Q, Misfire, who flawlessly and eloquently recited the F3 Mission Statement.  Note to self, gotta get this down with the same precision for future Q’s.  The PAX was encouraged to use caution and common sense in the gloom…



Mosey to concession area with some “Eye of the Tiger” and “Born in The USA” on the speakers…. SSH x 30, Windmills x 10, Sun Gods x10 (Forward and Reverse)…mosey to Soccer Field.


Thang#1, it was May 10th, 2016…my VQ at Cadet Lab when I first introduced the crowd pleasing 120 yard bear crawl that still draws groans and heavy mumble chatter today.  The PAX knocked this one out like veterans…piece of cake.


Thang#2, Byrider took the lead and moseyed the PAX to the Town Hill @ the Town Hall while YHC dropped back to pick up the six.  Q’s job is to always know where the six is and keep a watchful eye on them.  Thang #2 first occurred on February 19th, 2018 at Cadet Lab…16’s on the Town Hill.  Start at the top and perform 15 monkey humpers, jog down to the bottom of the hill and perform 1 squat, back peddle to the top of the hill and perform 14 monkey humpers, then jog back down for 2 squats….perform until fully reversed.  This Thang usually resurfaces the next day when the PAX is confronted with any elevation changes, especially steps.  Total count, 120 Monkey Humpers, 120 squats.  #stubingwillbesoproud.


Thang#3, it was a foggy, slightly overcast Thursday morning.  May 11th, 2017 to be exact.  Polo had put the PAX through a brutal Sad Clown Killer workout and then introduced the Bearpee.  This was the last time I did a Bearpee and they suck.  Today we did 60 yards of Bearpees…bear crawl four times, do a burpee, bear crawl four times, burpee, etc…This is when the shoulder crunching noise I was hearing became a real concern.


6:05 AM…Done, wait we have time for Extra Credit!   Short mosey to one side of the field, then 120 yard sprints…the PAX was encouraged to eye the next guy and push the PAX next to you during the sprints.  Silly me,…I thought I could take Pitino…Nope!


MARY… Big Boy Sit Ups in a Wave to the tune of Wipeout, Low Slow Flutter x 15, and BullDog (on Q next week) took us out with 25 American Hammers.


COT: YHC closed us out



The weather was perfect this AM to celebrate 3 years with F3.  Thank you to the PAX who posted despite my warning.  I’m grateful for Double Check and Udders for the EH.  Ultimately though, Double Check threatening to call me a female part every time he saw me until I posted was what pushed me to post for the first time. We all have an EH method I guess! Ha!



Bulldog on Q next Tuesday and he is bringing a pecolator for onsite coffeteria afterwards. Cool!


It’s always a pleasure, and most importantly, an honor to lead such strong minded men.




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