More than a workout

I arrived this morning at the EC Murph at O’Dark thirty cloudy eyed and weary from dealing with a bunch of sick wife kids at home. I was NOT filled with that “go-get-um” drive some folks have come to expect from my Q’s. However, it was one of those morning that was about “showing up” and definitely not about “showing out”.

It is easy to confuse F3 with a workout community. A middle-age fraternity of leaders doing the type-A thing in one more area of their lives. For a while, I felt like it was about more, faster and farther. But, now that I am about three years in, and F3 is becoming more about family, friends and the Sky-Q and less about how hard can I make this workout, can I keep up with the sugar rays, how do I match up against my neighbor or F3 brother, in work, physical prowess, as a family man or citizen.

Sometimes less is more…less ego allows more room for a humble heart, less bravado helps me hear the hurting heart of my brother, less self-focus opens doors of generosity…and so on.

Today was a day of days. A chance to slow down and focus on being present and accounted for. A chance to do something hard, to reach failure, and set new limits.

Thank you brothers of the gloom for trusting me to serve you with excellence. I hope everyone got better. Aye!


SSH + 100 Hand-Release Ranger Merkins (push-ups)


Location: Octagon

Star Jumps x 30SC (3 sets of 10)

LL Cool J’s [Burpee-Jump Lunge- Jump Lunge] x 20SC (2 sets of 10)

Note: AMRAP done to “Momma said knock you out” cover by Five Finger Death Punch

Archer Squats x 30SC (15 per side) ***SKIPPED FOR TIME***


Location: Octagon

15 Second Merkin [5 seconds decline + 5 second hold at 6-inches + 5 second incline] x 10SC

Side to Side Elbow Plank w/ E2K x30SC (SC x20)

Lateral Merkin Walk w/ Cricket Kick-Through *length of Octagon & back [Form 1-2 lines: Merkin + Kick L, Kick R & Move laterally as a group]


Location: Field next to picnic tables adjacent to the Octagon

Tunnel of Love

Bridge of Happiness

Crawl Bear (Single line up Storm Gully) & Bear Crawl (down the gully) ***TWO TRIPS COMPLETED***


Location: Octagon

X’s & O’s [x10ishIC] + S2S Ankle Taps [x10IC] ***SKIPPED***+ Alt. Toe Touches [x20IC] ***SKIPPED***+ Jack Hammer [AH/Merkin 5,10, 15,20 & back down to Merkin AMRAP to failure]

Note: Jack Hammer Merkin AMRAP done to “Momma said knock you out” by LL Cool J


Spackler (respect), Radiator (respect), Jitter Bug (respect), J-Woww, Norwood, Noonan, Blue Oyster, Butt Fumble, Birds Nest, Woody & Slumlord-QIC


Community Housing Solutions work project-March 16

3F w/ Birds nest at Search

2F at Super Starbucks

Triple Lindy CSAUP event on April 6 at Jess Wharton (w/ the giraffes) = 3 unweighted full Murphs/one per hour from 6-9AM.


YHC prayed us out.


This was a hard workout. Really hard at times. What I saw was a full effort. I saw moments when folks thought what was being asked of them was a little ridiculous and they were right. I would like to commend Bird’s Nest for modifying as necessary, but not slowing down one bit. He is a real inspiration to me and sooooo many, even though he would never admit. That is why he has impact. A second honorable mention goes to Spackler. From the first day he started posting, this guy lays it all out on the table and leaves nothing in the tank. And a third honorable mention to Noonan. He did Merkin after Merkin without falter and demonstrated some real grit.

It should be said that there were no slackers among the faithful of Natville today. In the words of the great, the indomitable, Red Dragon, it was an American Day!



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