30 PAX took advantage of a beautiful January morning to tour Country Park.  Unfortunately the Q didn’t let anyone out of the parking lot for the first half of the proceedings, where a Merkinfest broke out at the end of the Warm-a-Rama.  After a short mosey and a few instructions the first part of the Main Thang began.  More Merkins were enjoyed by everyone along with an assortment of other exercises during a 4-station 2-cycle runaround. 

It was then off to the Country Park loop where another 4-station circuit awaited, this time with picnic tables, hills, and deer park sprints peppered in.  Everyone was having such a good time that we continued late into the hour before the Q corralled everyone and directed them back to home base.  Once the six rolled up to the shovel flag it was straight to hammers before the festivities came to an end. 

Announcements: Our friendly new guy was dubbed ‘Brexit’ and Stinky Cheese promised soy burgers at the blood drive before Stretch took us out in prayer. 

T-Claps to everyone who made it out and made it through: Bird’s Nest, Matlock, Bedbug, Sacked, Long Time, Wingman, Buck, Daisy, Scooby Doo, Dial Up, Corn Dog, Rocket, Jingle Horse, Stinky Cheese, Houlihan, JR, Spike, Sir Isaac, Lynda, Bones, Yeti, Snowflake, Schnitzel, J Love, Windmill, Brandy, Drysdale, Stretch, and FNG Brexit.

Enjoyed it.