Uptown Shake Down – UF 11/16

“Put the screws on ’em” Earhart said…

YHC wasn’t scheduled to Q as of Wednesday this week, but Earhart had a “favor” to ask… You see, Site Q Earhart had been having a little trouble with some wiseguys not signing up to Q. So he did the natural thing, calling YHC to “take care of it”*. 9 PAX joined YHC in the Gloom, and by the look of them, YHC knew he was going to have his hands full. Sugar Rays, every one of them. But if there’s one cure for a Sugar Ray in Natville, it’s the 7-story circle, aka The Spiral of Death. And this morning, it was the spiral of frozen death, which is probably one of the worst kinds of death, YHC just speculating here.

*Earhart claims to have no recollection of such an interaction…

We headed to the old car dealership for…


  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 10x/10x Sun Gods
  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • 15x Windmills

Together we moseyed to the base of the Bellemeade deck to soften these tough guys up with…

The Thang:

PAX found a buddy for some partner work:

  • Run to the top of the Spiral, partner carry 1/2 way around deck, flap jack, run back down
  • Run to second highest floor, 100 partner merkins each (merkins with feet up on planking partner’s back), run back down
  • Run to third highest floor, 100 partner WWII sit ups each (WWII with partner planking on feet), plank for 6

The combination of up and down the spiral multiple times, and no real rest between sets with the planking had these Sugar Rays checkin the time at 6:02. Time to set them up for the shake down to come – “mosey back down the spiral”. YHC could see the image of the (invisible – where da flag at Earhart?) shovel flag in the PAXs eyes as they started moseying back to the AO. Bust a U-turn fellas, we ain’t done yet.

Across the street lies an unassuming parking lot. A parking lot with a big ol brick wall. YHC instructed PAX to get comfortable sitting against it, because we might be here for awhile. With Q schedule pulled up on the phone, it was time to make these stoolies sing.  Wall sits until we get a Q – Aye Lite Brite. Balls to the wall until we get a Q – Aye Coach K. Six inches – Aye Gold Digger! And YHC didn’t even have to get his tire iron…

With the mission accomplished, PAX moseyed back for…


More like 2MOM this morning

  • 25 American Hammers


  • Last day (11/16) to get F3 Gala tickets before prices go up.

YHC took us out.

Paula Deen

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