You Can’t Handle the Truth – Slammin Sammy’s 10/24

Integrity tested at Slammin Sammy’s.

12 of Natville’s finest and two HIMs from abroad defeated the fartsack and arrived hungry for their DRP. YHC was straight up hurtin’ after spending 12 solid hours attempting to renovate his yard the day prior. 2.0s were wowed as Dad wrangling the beast that was the rear tine tiller, but YHC’s back was less than impressed. Wiped out both physically and mentally, YHC went to his files (turns out they do exist!), grabbed some old weinkes (#phrasing) and called it a plan. We circled up on the basketball court for…


  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 15x Windmills
  • 12x/12x Sun Gods

From there, we moseyed around the 1/2 mi lap and came back to the court for the explanation of…

The Thang:

Simple, but effective beatdown. PAX partnered up. Partner 1 performs an ab circuit until relieved by Partner 2. Partner 2 runs to the playground to knock out exercises and returns to trade places. So on and so forth and such.

Ab Circuit (20x reps each):

  • LBCs
  • Crunchy Frogs
  • WW2 sit ups
  • Reverse crunches


  • 15 pull ups
  • 15 burpees

Nancy seemed to really be enjoying the exercises, as he kept reminding the PAX that we had a lot of time left. YHC hated to spoil his fun, but he called Omaha at 6:04 for a quick unplanned audible.

PT 2:

PAX kept the same partners and moved over to the parking lot. Partner 1 had to try to guess the letter in Partner 2’s head, either A or B. If correct, he had to run half the distance of the parking lot. If incorrect, he had to run the full distance. Partner 2 is holding an Al Gore until he returns, then they swap. Some PAX seemed to have the roulette touch, while others trotted off into the distance time and again.

At 6:10, PAX moved back to the court and planked. It was time for the truth to come out. 5 Merkins… if you fibbed and made your partner run the full distance. 5 Merkins…if you told a white lie to let your partner get a break. YHC is glad we had this time of confession cause boy did we need it. PAX knocking out merkins left and right, YHC included. Sorry Earhart.

This was followed by a quick round of…


  • 15x low slow flutters
  • 20x American Hammers


  • Shout out to Wise Guy from Tallahassee and Traffic Jam from Greenville, SC for joining us. Good luck on your Furniture Land South ruck, Wise Guy.

YHC took us out.

Paula Deen

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