Rain, Rain, Stay Away

It started with a tongue-in-cheek preblast on Twitter:

The forecast called for rain, but none was to be found despite soggy grass and wet pavement.  We can handle this.

Here’s how it went down:

  1. Last call for a splinter run.  Cavity and Jingles take the offer and depart.
  2. The PAX mosey to the gravel parking lot beyond the baseball field for some Warm-a-Rama:
    1. 20 SSHs
    2. 15 Windmills
    3. 19 forward SunGods and 15 reverse.  I wasn’t paying attention.
    4. 20 Copperhead Squats
    5. 10 double-count Merkins
  3. Mosey to the covered concrete area near the park restrooms (also known as the “Latham Spa”)
    1. 20 dips
    2. 20 step-ups (10 per leg)
    3. 20 decline merkins
      Do the whole thing again
  4. Mosey to the parking lot.  Two stations were set up, one at each end of the set of single-story offices.  Station one had 5 Burpees, 15 Imperial Walkers, and25 Plank Jacks.  Station two, at the other end of the complex, had 10 Lunges (each leg), 20 Merkins, and 30 Squats.  Do one exercise, run to the other station and do one exercise, then run to the first station and do the next exercise, etc.
  5. After 2 complete circuits, we did people’s chair while the PAX assembled.
  6. We continued the people’s chair to a count of 60, then balls to the wall for a count of 60.
  7. Finally we moseyed back to the shovel flag for 6MOM:
    1. 20 Dying Cockroach
    2. Plank to count of 60
    3. 20 Low Dolly
    4. 20 Alternating Shoulder Taps
    5. 25 American Hammers


  • Valentine’s day beadown at Slammin’ Sammy’s on Wednesday hosted by Pocahontas
  • 2-hour ruck 5-7am from Jaycee Park on Wednesday to celebrate Ash Wednesday.  Stopping every mile; trying to get in 7 miles
  • Cheddah needs Qs for Latham Grider, especially VQs.  We will happily pair you up with a veteran Q to help.  And Cheddah will buy you coffee.
  • Butt Fumble is raising money for a local man who is going through a “Step Up” program to help offset his missed income for the week.  $300 is goal.  anything beyond that goes to the F3 foundation.  Contact Butt Fumble.  Money due Wednesday.
  • Earhart is taking over as site Q for Uptown Funk. Come out this Friday to support him.  Everest is Q.

Boy Wonder took us out.

QIC: Jordache

PAX:  Square, Boy Wonder, Coach K, Cavity, Jingles, Butt Fumble, Paula Deen, Lite Brite, LYnda, Shania, Miles, Cheddah, Birds Next, Hoser, Simone


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