An Olympic Theme Beatdown Would Have Been Creative….

PAX:  Lynda, LiteBrite, Birds Nest, G-String, Secretary, Earhart, Buck, Pocohantas, Mayor, Pinto, Sully, Outhouse, Leverage, Huggies, Gold digger, Nutmeg, Spike, Butt Fumble, Tammy, Gilligan, Blue Oyster, Thurmenator, Cheddar (QIC)

Started off with a “It probably would have been creative to set-up an olympic theme’d beatdown, but I didn’t…”  Then into a quick disclaimer with help from the PAX, and rolled right into a mosey.  Called an audible for the WoR, as first choice was pretty damp; second choice much better.  Proud of Gilligan for investing in some high quality Wranglers, but can be tricky trying to lead the cadence of WoR when being asked about all the other options he should check out from the brand.  Wrapped up WoR with some group merkins and headed up the death spiral for the Thang.  A four corner beatdown, then a 5 man bob-sled/indian run back down the death spiral and on to the shovel flag for an expedited Mary.


SSH x 20

Sun Gods Fwd/Bkwd x 20

Windmills x 20

String Rippers x 20

Mount Climbers x 20

Merkins (on my down) x 20


The Thang (on top of Bellemeade Parking Deck)

4 corners of pain, 5-man teams.  One Pax to each corner, then 5th pax heads from station 4 to station 1 to start the rotation, reliving pax at station 1 who then heads to station 2 to relieve pax at station 2, who then heads to relieve pax at station 3, who heads to relieve pax at station 4, etc etc etc…. you get the point.

Station 1:  Wide Merkins AMRAP, 40 Wojo Squats, 50 Dying Cockroaches (plank until relieved)

Station 2:  Carolina Dry Docks AMRAP, 40 Jump Squats, 50 Low Slow Flutters (Chilicut until relieved)

Station 3:  Diamond Merkins AMRAP, 40 Crunchy Frogs, Phantom Chair until relieved

Station 4:  Burp & Merks pyramid to 10 (up and back, or until relieved)

Lunge walk between stations 1&2 and 3&4 (short sides of the deck); between stations 2&3 and 4&1 (long sides of the deck) was a run with a 20 yard bear trap in the middle.

OMAHA called and each team lined up at the top of the death spiral for a “bob-sled run” (indian run) to the bottom and on to the shovel flag.



20 LBCs

20 American Hammers


Butt Fumble:  Guy Mannings from the shelter is wanting to attend the Step Up program, which means he would miss a week of work.  He is a day laborer right now and needs help to cover his expenses and the income from not working.  Please consider throwing a few bucks in to support Guy’s efforts to go through the Step-up Program.

Maneater Q at the premier Saturday workout, Rainbow Dash

Gilligan took us out.


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