PRE-BLAST for The Megalodon aka #TheMEGA: 10/28/2017

F3 Natville (Greensboro if you are still new to our PAX) is honored to host the 2nd annual Triad area F3 #CSAUP event – The Megalodon or The Mega. F3 Winston-Salem hosted this initial CSAUP in March 2016.  We are excited to plant the shovel flag this year and will combine the event with the celebration of Natville’s third anniversary.

First, some history. The Megalodon, according to Discovery, was “the prehistoric world’s worst nightmare.” This shark is regarded as one of the largest and most powerful predators in vertebrate history, growing up to 59 feet in length. Yes, 59 FEET – 3 times as long as a Great White! What better name for a CSAUP (Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless) event. Why, you ask? The Megalodon is the State Fossil of North Carolina! Since this is the biggest and baddest workout we’ve ever hosted in NC, MEGA is the perfect name! Kudos to DashPax for kicking this thing off!

The Details:

  • Who can participate? F3 Nation and anyone who can complete a Saturday, 1 hour F3 workout
  • What is this? 7 Pain Stations with running in between. Mileage course 5.5 miles and most running will be in short intervals
  • Where? The event will take place in and around Jaycee Park, Country Park and the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.
  • When? October 28, 2017. We will launch at 7:00 AM and end by 10:30 AM.
  • Why do it? WHY NOT? It’s free, open to all men, it’s outside, it’s led by your peers and it will end with a COT


Additional Information:

  • The MEGA is a free event in very popular local parks and greenways. Our plan is to move along in a way that does not interfere with others enjoying these parks on October 28. As this is a convergence where we are inviting other regions to join, we expect strong numbers.
  • There will be both shorter and longer running/mosey segments. The goal is to keep the PAX together. We also have ‘speed bumps’ along the way specifically for this purpose.
  • Some PAX members have joint/injury issues that simply will not let them run this far. That’s okay – bring your bike! Remember, it is you against you!
  • Hydration packs are recommended. We will have water stations along the course, but having your own is a good idea.
  • Bring your own fuel (Goo, Gels, etc). We will try to have some fuel for the PAX and are talking with a local well-known store
  • As this is both a CSAUP event and F3 Greensboro’s 3rd anniversary, please encourage all PAX to attend – the usual suspects, lost or missing PAX and FNGs


Rough Station Plan:

  • Warm-O-Rama: Jaycee Park parking area with no median
  • Station 1: First T intersection in Country Park
  • Station 2: Back lot parking area at Greensboro Science Center
  • Station 3: Field at end of Country Park connector in Military Park
  • Station 4: Field in front of General Greene Statue in Military Park
  • Station 5: Goose Turd Hill/Veterans Memorial in Country Park
  • Station 6: Wicked’s Folly/Slope of No Hope/Murder House in Country Park
  • Station 7: Lewis Center Baseball Field

Here is the Back Blast from last year’s effort: