Workout Date: 09/15/17

The siren had sounded… the call had been made…… there was no turning back….Natville’s Fartsackers had posted. Sure they looked well reseted having slept in that morning. There hair was combed, they had already showered that day, why there wasn’t a blurry ID dog in the bunch ( with the exception of one salty pax they call “Polo”. Thats right..he doubled dipped!!) The evening carefully crafted by YHC was thrown into a  bit of turmoil when the pax arrived to find that all of greensboro had also decided to use “our” park that night. A Baseball game, Football game, Tennis match, a women’s running event, church event, and yes the library was also well attended. Unwilling to turn back, YHC greeted the pax and lead them on “careful” mosey over to graveyard for warmera and went something like this:


SSH x 20

Sun gods x20

Windmills x20

Merkins x20

Crabcakes x20

The Thang:

Due to there literally being zero available space in the entire park we jumped right into the thang, right where we were. The pax was paired off in teams of two. The course, two cones separated by 50 yards. The thang, a Burp&Merk Pyramid up to 10 and back down to 1. Partner A drops and does 1 Burp&Merk while partner B counts and encourages, then both men run to the second cone where Partner B then does 1 Burp& Merk while A counts and encourages. This is repeated until both men have each competed the entire pyramid. The outcome is 20 Burpees, 100 Merkins and 40 50 yard sprints.
Station 2: After negotiating ourselves with out getting hit by the 10,000 cars driving around “our” park we moseyed over to the Peoples Wall and Playground.
Partner A: grab some wall    Partner B: Inverted Row x20 (in the playground) *flip flop
Partner A: Squats                   Partner B: Inverted Row x20
Partner A: Step ups                Partner B: Inverted Row x20
Partner A: Crunches              Partner B: Inverted Row x20
Partner A: grab some wall    Partner B: Inverted Row x20


Crab cakes x20

Crunches x20

American Hammer x20



2017 Fantasy Food Challenge starts Monday. ManEater is a HUGE fan of eliminating food from his system. Not sure if he was referring to the nutrition challenge, though. #TMI

Sendoff for Cheesy Poof is next Saturday… 9/23; family cookout style. BYOB. Casual drop-in 3:30. Keep an eye out for the invitation plus the special gift hitting your mailbox?! #NewWatch for everyone!


Tclaps to Polo for the double dip!

Tclaps to Expired for confessing that it was YHC’s callout to all fartsackers that EH’d him into showing up!

Always a supreme honor!!



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