17 PAX arrived (16 ahead of YHC in classic fashion) ready to get this week rollin’ …. Finding no FNG’s, we started with quick disclaimer and we were off with a short fellowship-paced mosey before launching into…


  • SSH
  • Moroccan Night Club
  • 5 burpees OYO
  • IW
  • Toy Soldier
  • 5 burpees OYO


Today, YHC offered up a Gross of exercises.  That is 12 different exercises at 12 reps/exercise in AMRoAP [As Many ROunds As Possible]… 4 stations spread around the AO so as not to deprive the PAX of the pleasure of running… We did 4 groups of 4 (+1), clockwise rotating approximately 4 cycles in time we had.  #FunFun

  • Round 1: Pull-Ups x 12, Jump Squats x 12, Dying Cockroaches x 12
  • Round 2: Mike Tyson Merkins x 12, Copperhead Squats x 12, LBCs x 12
  • Round 3: Werkins x 12, Jump Lunge x 12, Sweat Angels x 12
  • Round 4:  Derkins x 12, Lunge x 12,  Box Cutters x 12


  • Cindy Crawford x15 ea side IC
  • Pickle Pushers x15 IC (Thx Huffy!)
  • Freddy Mercuries x15 IC (Thx Noser!)
  • American Hammer x20 IC (Thx Hoosier!)


  • Cougar Town – Needs some LOVIN’… This week’s RUCK will be 30 minutes 6-630 @ Kernodle Middle School, followed by Cougar Town 0630-730 – Working to #ABD from Cornwallis Nightmare still running strong at 40+ most weeks… Need a few good men!  (PS – it’s cooler at 630!!)
  • Matlock filling in this week for Chips @ Panera 3rd F Prayer for the PAX. (YHC went – it was powerful and great way to support each other – Thanks Matlock!)
  • Huffy’s Sunday Biking & Beer event was a success – thanks to all who supported!!

COT: YHC took us out reading The True Gentleman by John Walter Wayland. Read once before but compelled to share it again:

The True Gentleman is the man whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety, and whose self-control is equal to all emergencies; who does not make the poor man conscious of his poverty, the obscure man of his obscurity, or any man of his inferiority or deformity; who is himself humbled if necessity compels him to humble another; who does not flatter wealth, cringe before power, or boast of his own possessions or achievements; who speaks with frankness but always with sincerity and sympathy; whose deed follows his word; who thinks of the rights and feelings of others, rather than his own; and who appears well in any company, a man with whom honor is sacred and virtue safe.

Always a pleasure and profound honor to lead!  Thank you!

Long Time

PAX: Long Time

QIC: 07/17/2017