Yesterday’s sermon at the Rise was poignant in terms of what the upcoming holiday should mean to Christians.  In the mouth of the New York Harbor stands a gift from an ally.  She stands 150 feet tall and standing on her base her golden torch stands 305 feet above the ground.  Her right hand holds that torch and her left a tablet inscribed in Roman numerals, ” July 4th, 1776″. Her ankles have broken chains around them.  Lady Liberty stands for freedom.  Freedom is something that so many people have given everything down to their soul to earn for this country.  Freedom was far from free.  It was a fight where we can say what we want, dissent and protest what we want, and also worship and pray to whom we want.  There is an extra piece to this puzzle, freedom in Christ.  Freedom is truth.  This country is the greatest ever created because it was created in His image.  We, as a society, we love relative absolutes. They free us from the moral binding of something absolute.  There are several truths.  Christ is The One that loves us so much that He became frail like us to sacrifice for us. Also, He gives us the “freedom” of free will.  However, a truth is that He wants so much more for us.  He wants us to be the best version of us and to deal with our sins, own them, and be more like Him.  As the Apostle John recounted what Christ said, ” If you hold to my teaching you are my disciples, then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  Freedom is on many levels but I am certainly grateful to be in a country that allows me to have mine.  Happy Birthday  America!  It’s time to converge, work through a beatdown together, and in the end, be thankful for the levels of freedom that this country gives us.

What: The Convergence

When: 7.4.17. Meet 0655, hard start 0700, hard stop 0800.

Where: AB Circle

Who: Any man and an FNG, F3ers from near and far

Why: Really…..,,

Forecast: Hot

QIC: YHC and Misty

Preview: I’d put money on running, Jack Webbs, and more and more and more of the same for 60 little minutes.  SYITG #merica

PAX: 4868

QIC: yes