ID provided the following back-blast: looks like it was straight to work as he led the PAX on his VQ.

Circle of Pain:




Groiners (merkin position, jump to hands




Flutter Kicks

Dolly — 6inch leg lift then spread out

Freddie Mercury — Bicycle crunch

WIndshield Wipers


Moey to the Field

Partner Up:

Patty cake merkin x10 (first partner runs a sprint after pattycakes comes back and tags partner)

Circle Up:

Squerkin: 10 Count Each Man

Mosey to the Tennis Courts:

Bropee (high ten at the top, one partner burpees the other jump squats)

Partner People’s Chair (10ct) First partner sprints, the other jump squats


Mosey to the Soccer Field

Catch me if you can (one partner crab walks, other 10 merkins then runs to catch partner)


Circle up:

ABC’s (lower case and upper case)

Jumping lt. Dans — (jump squat, two lunges down and back on the court)


F3 Columbus welcomed 2 FNGs this week as the PAX grows so does the intesity! great work fellas!

See you Wed; & Sat!



QIC: 06/10/2017