The PAX got together early in the gloom ready to work.  The mumble chatter was at an all time high with the style of workout that had high reps and very little rest with weights.  Big thanks to Long time for chartering this AO and his continued dedication to its excellence.  The phrase of the day: I SO FLY!

Warmarama – Co Q Long Time

Smurf Straddle Hops 20 IC

Hill Billie 20 IC

String Ripper 15 IC

Parker Peters 20 IC

The Thang

Each Round – 3 set cycles

Round 1:

Lunge Push (One DB press out as lunge)

Deep Split Stance DB Row

High Plank DB Transfers

Round 2:

Warrior Lunge (DB’s up and rotate)

Hammer Curl

Renegade Row

Round 3: 15 sec each side

Suitcase Squat

Suitcase Row

Suitcase Press

Round 4:

Iso Hip Up + Fly (I SO FLY)

Rocker to Overhead Press (Rock crunch to V-Sit, then two hand press)

Hollow Body Hold

Round 5: 15 sec each side

High Plank Reverse Fly

One Arm DB Thruster (like Arnold press)

One Arm DB Snatch


Homer – Marge 20 +

WW II Sit Ups – 20 +

American Hammer – 20 IC

Sweat Angel – 10 +


Sunday May 7 Uganda Trip fundraising lead by Udder at Craft City 6:30 am – Big 2 year Trip

May 20 Camp Weaver YMCA Chopping Wood after Cornwallis Nightmare – Stage Fright leading

3rd F Green Joes Q Source Tweet Shield Lock

FIA Launch May 6 8:15am at Jaycee Park invite the Ms.

Pray for Pittsburg F3  Launch with Long Time taking the lead

COT – Transfer of Site Q from Long Time (founder) to Stage Fright with Brand New Shovel Flag – Let Freedom Ring!

Final Thoughts

I am humbled by the confidence of the PAX that I will continue the leadership with this AO as Site Q.  Ready to serve!  ~ Stage Fright!


PAX: Stage Fright (Co Q), Long Time (co Q)

QIC: 05/04/17