YHC’s most sincere apologies for this belated Back Blast.  Street cred for posting at this particular WO was hard-earned, and just before the Heavens let loose with a SERIOUS thunderstorm!

Warm-O-Rama was a variety of fun things… 4-5 exercises of progressive intensity to warm-up the PAX in anticipation of…


We ran through these 20 exercises, short breaks between them and LOTS of mumble chatter, mostly by #SACKED and #SCHNITZEL, who are usually of the same mind when posting together… LOL

  1. In & Out Curls
  2. Triceps Press
  3. Jackie Chan Merkins
  4. Lateral Raises
  5. Upright Rows
  6. Supinating Curls
  7. Side Tri Rise (#FAVORITE in the RAIN)
  8. Air Claps
  10. Hammer Curls
  11. Lying Dumbbell Extension
  12. Alternating Thigh Taps
  13. CORE INTERMISSION… FREDDIE MERCURIES, some burpees.. just because .. and then..
  14. Staggered Merkins
  15. Concentration Curl
  16. Triceps KickBack
  17. Rear Delt Raise
  18. Bent Row
  19. Alternate Curl
  20. Alt Shoulder Tap

6MOM — abbreviated to a LOT of American Hammers and SWEAT ANGELS (look it up!)……

YHC Took us out.. just in time!!

Always a PLEASURE  – inspired by the PAX,

Long TIme



  • Looking for Sweat Angel Q”s… message me!
  • YHC Pittsburgh Launch Q responsibilities… trying to pack the clowncar for May 5-6. Space is limited!  #FREE #RoadTrip !!  Courtesy of the Mother Ship. GIVE IT AWAY
  • 3rd F Every THURSDAY @ Green Joes 630-7a

PAX: Long Time

QIC: 4/6/2017