31 PAX came to whip the Sad Clown Syndrome via an old time favorite in the annals of F3 workouts (Thangs) with full hearts and an aggressive posture…. In advance of the Feb 26th Daytona 500 today was about creating our own version of the venerable race.  “The Hump 500” involves lots of left turns and a willingness to put out maximum effort to make it through all evolutions.  RPM’s were redlining from YHC’s observation of PAX members.  And, it was good to see some of the old guard out this am (i.e. – Wojo, Wilson, Hootie, Daphne, Scooby-Doo, Stinky Cheese, Bodette, Bedbug, etc.) Welcome back Kotters to Botox, Fannie, Sendek, Grizzly and Daphne.  Below is a retelling:

After a mozy from shovelflag up and over to Safety Town parking lot, lot we circled up to get the body warm and our focus laser like. Pew, pew, pew (laser sounds)


Crab Cakes – 20X

Sun Gods – 20x Forward, no recovery / 20x Reverse

Squatted Chinooks – 15x

10 Burpees OYO

Copperhead Squats – 20X

Great mumblechatter out there this am but it quickly was stifled during the 10 Burpees #notsurewhathappened.   There was also some grumblechatter upon moving directly out of Sun Gods into Chinooks at which point YHC blamed Thurmanator by taking page out of his Warm-Up playbook from Monday’s Quaker Crater #crowdpleaser.  From here we mozy back toward shovelflag area, waved at the flag and continued on down to end of parking lot for “TheThang”…

The Thang – The “Hump 500” (not an officially licensed product of NASCAR)

Drivers, start your engines…  Concept here is simple but executing is a different matter when it comes to a 500 of any kind.  All exercises performed OYO…  It went like this: 25 reps of each exercise, OYO followed by a lap around the middle parking area medians after each exercise completed..  This one’s gonna leave a mark!

  • Carolina Dry Docks X 25
  • Crab Cakes X 25
  • Crunchy Frogs X 25
  • Air Squats X 25
  • Hand Release Merkins X 25

Repeato 5 times for a total of 500 reps & nearly 25 laps (2.3 miles logged in total).  It was apparent that some engines were clearly faster than others (i.e – J-Love, Hoosier, Tommy Boy, Slum Lord, etc.) but all racers gave max effort. Even Bodette’s car blew a tire with just a few laps to go yet he kept on driving.  No caution flags here.  For those that ended up in victory lane sooner than others, PAX planked and finished with a final lap together.  Two columns for Indian Run back to the checkered flag for a little post race Mary.


LSF’s – 20x

Crunchy Frogs – 20X

American Hammers – 20x


  • Community Housing Solutions and our F3 partnership – March 12th will be our first work project of 2017.  Please see Butt Fumble for details
  • J-Love reminds of the 2ndF/3rdF fellowship lunch every Friday 12-12:45 at 1850 Pembroke.  Encouraged to come out and get to know your other PAX no matter where you are on the spiritual spectrum.  (BYOL) Bring Your Own Lunch
  • Tommy Boy reminds us of May 29th Heart Walk – Need more teams – 6 more men.  Let’s go Site Q’s
  • We Shelter meal for homeless @ Grace Community Church this Sunday headed up by Expired
  • CPR Training – Daphne reminds us to get qualified #safetyofPAX

COT – Daphne took us out with uplifting words reminding us of humility and the glory is not ours alone

It was my honor in facilitating such a great group.  Miss posting where it all started for me and so many others..  #Redwoods.. Excellent work by all PAX and welcome back to the gloom for 2nd appearance Patrick Theisman (F3 Trojan)..  Good work brother and workouts get easier. Remember to keep EH’ing and defeating Sad Clown Syndrome through all 3 F’s (each one leads to the next) #PlantGrowandServe

Love everyone of you guys



PAX: Gunny

QIC: 2/15/17