9 PAX posted to the northernmost AO in Natville, where the air is thinner, the gloom is gloomier and the PAX are extra grumpy.  YHC has been in a warrior nutrition challenge state of hunger delirium.  All in the name of losing 3 pounds over six weeks.  I mean, the temptations are everywhere. I came home a little early from work to find my family wildly snarfing down chick-fl-a and duck doughnuts because they didn’t want me to see it.  I told them it was okay as I moped over to my supply of black beans and kale..

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, the workout.  We had 9 veteran PAX.  As predicted, the FNG that Xerox and YHC were headlocking at the Massacre Marathon did not show up.  We will keep working on that guy.  The disclaimer was YHC telling the PAX that it wasn’t them, it was YHC, and YHC does really like them.  And off we went to the school for the



10 Sungods IC 10 Reverse Sungods IC

16 Hammy Scoops IC

10 Abe Vigodas IC

5 Burpees OYO

15 Hillbillies IC

Then we moseyed over the fitness center on the left side of the soccer field.  We divided up into 2 groups and one group ran to the other fitness  center on the other side of the soccer field for the THANG

Triple Decker Ladder

pull-up/merkin/squat then run to the other fitness center, 1 to 10 then back down again.  The pax made it about halfway down when Omaha was called.  YHC heard lots of great encouragement by the PAX as we passed in between sets.

Then moseyed to the parking lot by the school for the second part of the thang


Sprint 100 yards, rest 15 seconds, backwards mosey 100 yards, rest 15 seconds, rinse and repeat for 5 sprints.

Mosey back to the flag for


25 LBCs IC

15 High Dolly Whip IC

10 Gas Pumps IC

15 American Hammers IC


-During the second to last sprint, Xerox commented that he thought I was wearing bowling shoes.  To my recollection, Xerox, I am not.

-Crawlspace wondered if they made F3 Oxygen Tanks.  Gear opportunity?

-Way to push it on the Fifteens, and luckily no one pulled a hammy.


-Prayers are needed for Crawlspace’s brother in law and his family.

-Grace Community Church dinner this Sunday 5:30-8ish. Expired on the Q this week. Contact him @expiredF3 if you are posting. Crawlspace is going, you should too.

COT: Crawlspace took us out, Thanks brother!

It was a pleasure and an honor to Q this morning.  Sign me up for April!



PAX: Bunny Ranch, Cecil, Xerox, Wolverine, JR, Polo, Misfire, Crawlspace, Matlock (QIC)

QIC: Matlock