8 gathered at IP Elementary this Valentines Day morning to improve themselves. After a little small talk and giving Slummy an extra second to pull in we are off to the races. Up to the BBall court for

Warm A Rama


Sun Gods Forward X 12 IC, Air Claps X 12 IC , Sun Gods back X 12 IC

Imperials X 15 IC

String Rippers X 10 IC

Windmills X 10 IC

Copperhead Squats X 15 IC

Broga with a little downward dog, calf stretching, upward dog or cobra. Woody took the broga to another level on us and shows off his head stand abilities setting off lots of mumblechatter..

Mosey down Sunset stopping for the 6 at Pembroke and doing Peter Parkers X 15 IC

continue mosey to Hole # 5 and head up the frozen fairway and plank for the 6. Lots of distraction as the pax see’s a young lady doing burpee’s in her house. Her form was much better than ours, no question..

Hand Release merkins X 10 IC and the pax are back to work..as line up head to toe in plank position with room for pax to bear crawl in between each other. similar to Indian run, the rear man weaves in and out bear crawl to the front. Everyone bear crawls twice. Frozen ground and fingers causes mumbechatter..

Mosey to #5 Green for these exercises that will be repeated at each green.

5- Burpees

10- WW2’s

15- Dry DOCks

20- Air Squats

Run #6 par 3 and Rinse and Repeat green exercises (not on green, on cart path by green)

#7 run to halfway down fairway and pax planks in a line again this time shoulder to shoulder leaving room for pax to jump over and do a burpee between each pax. Everyone does the jump/ burpee twice. plenty of mumblechatter.

#7 green do the 4 exercises again..

Head back down sunset towards the flag with one last detour. some hill work on #4 where the kids like to sled. Run down the hill to the creek and back to path. at the path we do 5 diamond merkins, 5 standard merkins, 5 ranger merkins. Rinse and repeat down the hill and back X 3 w exercises again each time.

Back down sunset stopping at Pembroke for Parker Peters X 10 IC

Indian Run back to flag


LBC’s X 20 IC

X’s O’s- O’s have a 5 count each time and then X’s had 10,15,20, 25 count s

COT- Birds Nest was asked to do the honors and took us out. Reminded us to love those around us well. Everything in His time is made right.


Announcements/ Moleskin

  • Birds Nest reminded us to take some time today and to write a note and let our M’s know how we feel about them. Say some things that they need to hear, but we don’t usually tell them. We are blessed to have this man in our pax, and when he talks I listen. I did what he said when I got home..Thanks brother.
  • Bodett reminded the pax about the warrior nutrition challenge meeting at Green Joe’s at 6:30.
  • Slum Lord reminded the pax about the heart walk. Quaker Crater has a team already going. YHC plans to get a team going also.
  • It was great to have Epstein in our pax today visiting from Kernersville. He and I were partners at the Kernersville launch for something painful that Starfish had us doing. Please come back, great seeing you again.
  • Pax quote of the day goes to Slummy which cannot be fully repeated.. something about a 1″ movement as pax member got tripped up while jumping him as he planked..
  • Saturday is the 1 year anniversary of Rainbow Dash. Woody on the Q and its gonna be huge !

always an honor and a blessing. Thanks for letting me lead today.




PAX: Gilligan

QIC: 02/14/17