It was a brisk morning at the GDS track, not colder than a witches tit in a brass bra, but not t-shirt weather either. In other words, perfect running weather.  11 Pax came out for some interval training and to get some work done.  YHC gave a non-existent disclaimer, mainly telling the PAX that YHC is not angry with them, but just plain hangry these days.  With that, off to the track:


-400 yd mosey with butt-kickers for 50 yds then cherry pickers for 50 yds.

-Hammy Scoops for 25 yds. Toy soldiers for 25 yds, Standing hip stretch 10 count each side

-800 yd single applesauce mosey with the advance to the front at 50%

-15 pendulum leg swings each side.


1) 800 yd fartleks where we jogged the 100 yds around the turn and sprint on the straightaways, pick up the six for 5 negative merkins (down for 10 count up for 1 count)

One more time, pick up the six, then 10 plank kickbacks IC each leg

400 yd fartlek. shortened for time.

2) 9 minute OYO mosey until time called


-Various stretches with 10 counts called by the pax.  After 6 100 yd sprints over 3.25 miles, we needed it.

-15 American Hammers IC


-Unicycle tweaked his hammy on the first 100 yd sprint.  Hope you are okay, and be careful with that, brother.

-Tclaps to Cecil and Scooby Doo and all the PAX for working hard.   Tommy Boy and Pamela were the fastholes today.

-The consensus is that this workout improves race and CSAUP performance.  If you have not been out to try it, you need to post!


-Check in for warrior nutrition challenge victims (participants) at Green Joes

-Need Qs for this AO, Beaver has the Q next week. Last time he Qed here, nobody posted. YHC dares you not to fartsack. If you post, Beaver will buy you a Frosty.

-Grace Community Church dinner this Sunday 5:30-8ish. Expired on the Q this week. Contact him @expiredF3 if you are posting.

-2ndF lunch at Pasta Pizza Pollo (or something like that) off Hwy 68 this Friday.

-Reach out to the PAX on the IR, On Time and Stretch.  If any other PAX are hurting, let us know, so we can lift you up.

COT: Wojo took us out.

Thanks for the chance to lead.  Looking forward to next time.







PAX: Scooby Doo, Xerox, Wojo, Slag, Unicycle, Tommy Boy, Pamela, Everest, Cecil, Udders, Matlock (QIC)

QIC: Matlock