A crew of 8 dedicated PAX’s turned out on a chilly Valentine’s morning for Convoy’s VQ. It didn’t take long to warm up. It all started with a longer than normal mosey to start everything off to the end of the parking lot and around the football field and back the the snack bar in the middle of the fields for the:


SSH -15 IC

Wind Mills – 15 IC

Sun Gods – 20 IC

Cotton Pickers – 15 IC

Bobby Hurley’s – 10 IC

Monkey Humpers – 20 IC

Hillbillies – 15 IC

The Thang:

1. Balls to the wall while each Pax did 10 merkins while rotating.

2. Burpees starting on one end and running 50 yards and doing squats. Started at 1 on each end and went up to 7 and then back to 1.

3. Slow mosey back to Shovel flag where we partnered up. One partner ran Bojangles halfway around the parking lot while the other partner began doing 50 Merkins, 50 Lt. Dan’s, 50 Burpees until time expired

Pax then gathered in a circle to finish with:

6 M of Mary:

Freddie Mercuries – 20 IC

Flutter Kicks – 20 IC

LBC’s – 25 IC

Cindy Crawford’s – 15 on each side IC

American Hammer – 25 IC

Prayer Requests/Thoughts:

Please keep Hoosier’s mother in your prayers as she is going in for surgery today.

5K in Greensboro at 8:30 am on March 18th. Benefit Run For Down Syndrome. Double Check and Heisenberg can help with details

F3 Lunch this Friday from 11:50 on at Pollo Pizza Pasta just up 68 from I-40 behind Taco Bell on left on Hickory Ridge Drive. Invite a friend or bring a PAX member.

Greensboro area guys are invited to attempt to move around and hit as many AOs and workouts as possible for the next month plus. Get out and see how things are done at different sites and meet some new guys. Also try getting over to Kernersville sometime.

Make an effort to get some of our MIA PAX out to the Cadet Lab or Shuffle soon.


Heisenberg took us out.

Thanks for allowing me to VQ. I really enjoyed it!



PAX: Convoy

QIC: 02/14/17