22 rugged pax, including the Q,  posted in the not-so-cold February gloom this morning for some fitness fun.  At 5:30 sharp, the required disclaimers were given, and seeing that there were no FNG’s, we mosey’d to the parking lot behind the school for Warmorama.

Warmorama:  20 SSH (IC), 15 Sobriety Style Sun Gods (IC, wind & unwind), 15 Squatting Chinooks (IC, wind & unwind), Shoulder Stretches, 15 Abe Vigoda’s (IC), 15 String Rippers (IC), Runner’s Lunge Stretch & an IT Band Stretch.  At this point, we mosey’d down to the bottom of the library road hill for the Thang.

The Thang: The pax started by doing 30 Caroline Dry Docks, then ran 1/2 way up the hill for 3 broad jump burpees, then ran the rest of the way up the hill to the library parking lot for 90 LSF’s.  The pax then ran back down the hill, stopping for 3 more broad jump burpees 1/2 way down.  The fearless group of men rinsed & repeated the circuit 2 more times doing 40 lunges (20 ea. leg)/60 LBC’s & 60 Imperial Walkers/30 Window Washers.  Then, as the pax made their way down to the bottom of the hill after their 3rd ascent of the Jefferson Library Mountain (because it seemed like a mountain by this point), we gathered and did hand-release merkins, plank jack’s & squats until the 6 returned safely.  At this point, the unsatisfied pax did 15 dips & 15 declined werkins on the driveway rails.  Then, time was called, and the pax mosey’d back to the shovel flag (climbing one more hill which brought a hail of mumble chatter) for 6MOM.

Mary: 15 ea. (IC) of: In & Out’s, Pfeiffer Scissors, Crunchy Frogs, Freddy Mercury’s, Box Cutters & American Hammers.

Announcements: (1) Phoenix is looking for Q’s for Quaker Crater; (2) Come to a 3rd F in the parking lot after Slammin’ Sammy’s for some fellowship & free coffee; (3) Remember to join and/or support the F3 teams participating in the American Heart Association Heart Walk, and especially the Quaker Crater team; and (4) a big shout-out to the F3 pax that participated in the Valentine’s Day Massacre yesterday, especially since they had to do 1-man short.

Slum Lord led the pax out with a short prayer.

Thanks men of F3 Quaker Crater for letting me Q this morning.  It was an honor!  And, just for the record, I hate that library hill as much as anyone, but sometimes, you have to face your demons head-on. Aye!!!!

PAX: Thurmanator

QIC: 02/13/17