25 Pax posted for YHC’s VQ at the Fringe. It wasn’t quite sweater weather, so TPS led the PAX in an extended Warm A Rama so we didn’t have any PAX pulling a hammy.  After 10 minutes of TPS leading the way, the PAX were nice and warmed up, well maybe not Heisenberg, and ready to go.

After the warm-a-rama , Pax were split into four teams with two teams facing off against each other from opposite ends of the parking lot in between the two teams was the playing board (made constructively out of Duck Tape), halfway between the teams in the playing board were cinderblocks marked with each team symbol. The object of the game was to play three symbols in a row on the board consisting in TicTacToe. Wow one member of each team was running to pick up the playing cinderblock to Cusack to the playing board each team we’re doing different exercises with weights which consisted of:

1. Kettle Bell Swings

2. Weighted lunges

3. Curls

4. Triceps Extensions

5. Goblet Squats

6. Upright Rows

Once the teammate returned to his team then another teammate took off to play a piece while the team switched exercise. Teams played a best-of-five series and after each game the losing team had to do 10 Burpees oyo, if a draw was called each team did five Burpees oyo. 


After the five games the Pax regroup at the shovel flag for what was to be the merkin burn out. Q called revenge upon the Darkside’s victory the night before declaring that they live and die by the three. Therefore by being vessels of the light we shall become stronger at their game. Since Duke hit 13 three-pointers last night the Pax did 14 three point merkins (1. Wide arm 2. Regular 3. Diamond )

 6 MofM : TPS Mary of various things with a single applesauce mosey


There was one casualty of war as an explosion of cinderblock occurred in an unsportsmanlike conduct of disrespecting the AO. Penalty TBD

-Prior to said explosion, a victorious PAX exclaimed: “winner, winner, chicken dinner”.  Penalty TBD

-Tclaps to Sacked for coming out and doing what he can.  Keep it up, brother.

-Tommy Boy did not beat the fartsack, but came to coffeteria to conduct the warrior nutrition challenge meeting.  Thanks for everything you do for the PAX, TB.

Announcements: the Heart Walk is coming up and Lunatic Fringe starting a team as a representative of the AO. (the goal is to raise $1000 if the team has a 25 man roster that’s only $40 apiece)  Matlock is on the Q as team leader. 

Different AO’s are in need of Qs. Men it is time to step up and lead. Q school 2017 is in the works.

COT:  YHC took us out

It was an honor to lead this morning.  Hopefully you had a little fun and also got a good beat down.




PAX: Hushpuppy, Pamela, Botox, Flo, Chaps, Nomad, Bodette, Scooby, Sacked, Strange Brew, Drizzle, Matlock, Zerox, Wojo, Heisenberg, Lynda, Slum Lord, Drizzler, Brown Noser, Huffy, Snowflake, TPS (co-QIC), Jitterbug, Daisy (VQIC)

QIC: Daisy/TPS