19 Pax ventured out into the surprisingly cold Latham AO. After a stern warning about safety the Pax split between the joggers and the real men and began this mornings workout… I can only assume the joggers just jogged around. The rest of us did this:

Run to the entrance of Fisher park. Circle up in the lower field for a little WAR:

SSH x 20

Windmill X 15

Toy Soldier X 20

Crab Cake X 20

Copperhead Squat with a pause in cadence for a 10 count x 5

Sun God F,B x 15

Hillbilly x 20

We then proceeded deeper into the bowels of the forest to discover that someone had lit a natural path with glowsticks that seemed runnable.


Pax Partners Up:

A – Plank at the base of the ivy covered hill

B – Run up the hill (difficult, as this was covered in roots and vines and nearly pitch black). At the top do 10 merkins with 30% being Seal style (explode and clap at the top). Run down the 100 year old busted staircase over to a creepy picnic bench. Do 10 jumping Wojo Squats. Run to relieve partner… this simulated the various positions in the burpee… Plank, Push Up, Squat and Jump.

Team performs 8 circuits per man, total of 160 team merkins and squats.

YHC significantly underestimated the amount of time we would be in plank… it was roughly 12 minutes per man. Ugh. Couple that with the mysterious stench of a nearby dog deuce and it made for a pleasant stay wile your partner ran the circuit.

Indian run back to the shovel flag where the Pax found that only Cheesy Poof and Cavity remained. The 2 veteran site Q’s (Local Honey’s and Grinder’s) had bailed… presumably to climb back into the sack after jogging around for 25 minutes.

YHC’s mall swatch watch is apparently slow so we only had time for the Hammer x 20.

YHC took us out



PAX: minimal

QIC: yes