7 PAX got up earlier than usual on a Saturday to Ruck it out. YHC called a hike this time with some variation of exercises mixed in.  YHC was pleased to have Bunny Ranch post for the first time.  Hopefully, he enjoyed it and will be back.  We hiked to the picnic area for the


16 Imperial Walkers IC; 10 Sungods Forwards IC; 10 Sungods reverse IC; 16 Hillbillies IC; 16 Goofballs (imperial walkers with an air clap) IC


On we go to the baseball fields where the PAX did the following on the visitors bench: 15 dips, 15 Irkins 15 Mountain Climbers.  Then Lt. Dans across the infield to the home bench: repeato, then cusack squats to the visitors bench, repeato.

We then hiked to the Tennis Center where we went behind the courts to Heartbreak Hill. YHC had the PAX go to the side of the Hill without the 2ft rebars protruding from the ground, much to Bodett’s relief, and YHC had the PAX reverse bear crawl down the hill and forward bearcrawl up the hill.  For Five Minutes.  Tommy Boy had the Q next for the Nightmare and wondered aloud if YHC had stole his Winkie.

Awkward silence….  Uh, no.

We hiked back to the parking lot and YHC was easily distracted by the new set of brass taps set up on the Love Deck.  The City might want to keep that locked up once the beer starts flowing.

We proceeded down to Country Park and every 5 minutes stopped and did 10 merkins and another exercise (crab cakes, copperhead squats). At the fitness center by the bathrooms by the lake, the PX did 10 pull-ups and then mountain climbers until the 6 was in.

With time coming short, we picked up the pace and cut up the kudzu path to parking lot. When we got to the vacant school bus (not creepy at all). We knocked out 20 American Hammers for Mary.


-Goofballs make you feel weird, but they sure get you warmed up quick.

-TClaps to the PAX who double dipped at the Nightmare.  Cobains on the Hammers as YHC had no idea Wicked would have us do 50 Hammers IC later on.

-Welcome to Bunny Ranch and nice to see Pamela and Tommy Boy out there.  This workout is a great way connect with your fellow PAX while building strength.

-YHC is pleased to announce that Roker is taking over the Northern Ruckus as site Q for the first year anniversary next Saturday.  Come on out next week and support your new site Q!

COT: Tommy Boy took us out. Thank you TB

It was an honor serving as Site Q for this workout this year.  Thanks to all who posted this year.  I look forward to future adventures in 2017.





PAX: Pamela, Tommy Boy, Bunny Ranch, McGuyver, Roker, Bodett, Matlock (QIC)

QIC: Matlock