4 Brave souls took to the dark windswept savannah of the Summerfield Community Park in search or exotic wildlife.  The Pax encountered bears, snakes, monkeys, Mt. Goats, and even deadly frogs!


Top begin their quest the Pax moseyed around the lake to the gravel parking lot to complete:

25 SSH

10 String Rippers

10 Don Quixotes

10 Tipper Gore’s both directions (thanks to Xerox for the name and Pohler for the exercise i.e. Port-a-potty chinooks)

10 Sun Gods both directions


The Thang:

Theses intrepid explorers put Dora to shame (full disclosure Wolverine and Cecil had an extended discussion about Dora the Explorer) as they set off in search of exotic creatures!!

“Let’s Safari” rang out into the darkness

Someone spotted the first animal, it was a bear!!!    The Pax honored this majestic creature with bear crawl burpees for approximately 100ft.    The Pax then continued to mosey around the lake…

Next the Pax came across the deadly Copperhead Snake.  Again, the Pax were mesmerized and immediately broke into 30 Copperhead Squats and 20 Merkins!  The Pax then continued their safari with a mosey to the amphitheater…


“Look over there” shouted one brave Pax member, “It’s a Mountain Goat”; Mimicking its graceful movements the Pax performed 20 Mountain Goats and 30 LBC’s.

The Pax continued their mosey down the hill to the bridge where they encountered crazed blood thirsty monkeys.  In an effort to scare them off the Pax performed 30 Monkey Humpers and 20 Carolina Dry Docks.

The Pax moseyed onward to the maintenance shed where the infamous Crunchy Frog resided.    Getting the pattern by now the Pax immediately undertook 30 Crunchy Frogs and 20 Jack Webs.

Everyone enjoyed the safari so much that they did it twice!!!

So much fun was has that upon completion of the second  round the Pax took and extra credit mosey down to the  gate by the lake and back to help YHC  retrieve his papers.



10 Box Cutters, High Dolly’s, and Low Slow Flutters in cadence and in succession

10 dying cockroaches and dangling cockroaches in cadence and in succession

15 Skier Abs in cadence

15 Crunchy Frog’s in Cadence

30 American Hammer’s in cadence



YHC took us out


  • Awesome to welcome brother “Open Out” from Raleigh!! Great work today!
  • Matlock on the Q Next Week should be an epic beat down!
  • Be sure to sign up for the Heart Walk

Thank you for the opportunity to lead. It was an honor!



PAX: Open out, Xerox, Wolverine, Cecil

QIC: Cecil