Aye! It was a dark and dreary windblown kind of day then out of the gloom appeared Wicked and his fearless band of battle-hardened cretins to terrorize the mean streets of NW GSO. Foolishly, Slum Lord answered the call to lead this merry band of banditos into a world of chaos and possible self-loathing and or loathing for the beatdown they were about to receive. All present entered the baptismal font and purified themselves of self-limit and fear and this is how it went down:


SSH, Toy Soldiers, Al Gore-Channuks

1 Mile run at a moderate, yet brisk pace

Tha Thang

AMRAP in cadence (sort of)

5 Pull-ups

20 Plyo-Squats

5 Pull-ups

20 Ranger Merkins


* YHC added all kinds of secret twists to punish the Pax. References to Richard Simmons and Tony Horton peppered the grumble chatter to the point of nauseum, but YHC is a good sport and knows if you can give a joke, you should be able to take it. In vengence YHC increase the pace.

Mosey back to where the flag usually is posted

Sprint Ladder

60%, 70, 80, 90, 100 and reverse down to 60. They loved it.


Homer Marge with Low and High Dolly tossed in the mix, American Hammer, 20 Burpees, Undisclosed yoga moves in honor of Nomad


Mostly talk. YHC talked about service pre-blast items

Prayer occurred


PAX: Slum Lord

QIC: 02/09/2017