On a breezy morning at the Cadet Shuffle, The Real Toto showed up for his Q and got us started. He warned that his cough would slow him down and a strong, cool wind was not going to help his effort. After the WARM-A-RAMA and starting out on our trek, Toto eventually decided that this was not going to be a good day for him and headed home. TClaps for the effort. That left it for the other 3 of us to push on. Here is how the workout played out:


SSHs x 10 IC

Windmills x10 IC


We headed out around the park and at the Fire Station we headed down Scoggins Road and added an extra block to the left where it ended and headed back up Scoggins where we got back on the loop around the park. After returning to the shovel flag (that eventually blew over) we took 2 laps around the 4 ball fields with a sprint on 2 sides and a slower jog on 2 sides. I should say a slow sprint for Udders and I and a sprint for Kay. We finished up back at the shovel flag completing 3.8 miles, which was good prep for the Massacre Marathon relay coming up Sunday for the 3 of us.

4 MOM (Led By Kay):

LBCs x 20 IC

Freddy Mercurys x 20 IC

American Hammer x 20 IC


Heisenberg took us out


Prayers for the coming move to Uganda for The Real Toto and his family and the efforts to raise funds for their trip and 2 years over there where they will adopt a daughter. Kay’s wife has a design put together for an F3 Uganda workout shirt that will be sold to PAX members as a fundraiser. It is a cool design.

Great effort to push for 3.8 miles today. The Real Toto has our respect for the effort to Q today despite a still-lingering cough. Come join us in the coming weeks and get in shape for the 5Ks coming in the spring.





PAX: The Real Toto

QIC: 02/09/17