36 Pax braved a freezing February morning (what it was 53 degrees!) to grind it out with each other in front of a church while doing some block work.  We welcomed FNG Trojan (Patrick) and it went a little something like this, hit it:

Moseyed to the Church Parking Lot for a litle Warm Your Rama

25 SSH

Sun Gods

Port-a-John Chinooks (squat whilst doing Chinooks)

One foot over the other, standing/bend at waist stretch

The Thang

Three man teams – One at either end doing exercises and one runner between speed bumps at the church parking lot. Once relieved running partner does exercise while partner that was performing exercise runs to other end to relieve other partner. Exercises are done AMRAP until relieved by running partner. PAX were encouraged to sprint to relieve partner.

One End

1. Jack Webbs

2. Tricep Extension

3. Squats with Block

4. Bench Press with Block

5. Squat with Curls

6. Straight Arm Lift

7. Block Swing (like Kbell swing)

8. Overhead Press

9. Skull crusher (tricep) w/block

10. One arm curls (switch half way)

The Other

1. Low Slow Flutter with block held overhead

2. Hold block overhead

3. Calf raises with block

4. Sit up with Block

5. Bent Row (not String Ripper)

6. Lunge with block

7. SSH while holding block (arms are in holding block)

8. Plank on block

9. Diamond Push Ups on block

10. Clean and Press with block


25 Freddy Mercuries (halfway through, double time)

25 LBCs

25 Deliberate American Hammers hosted by Wicked


Interested in the February We Shelter Dinner reach out to David Cox (Expired), in March Wicked is leading that one that and it might be a cook-out.

Heart Walk on May 20, need team captains (be a AO rep)

Community Housing Solutions in March (possibly the 19th).

PAX: Butt Fumble, Nomad, Pamela, Bundle, Snowflake, Cecil, Bodett, Birds Nest, Sir Purr, Hootie, Flo, Bourne, FNG-Patrick Theismann (Trojan), J-Love, Wicked, Sendek, Jitterbug, Double Check, Long Time, Fromage, Hoosier, Slum Lord, Roker, Grizzly, Stage Fright, Drizzle, Botox, Tommy Boy, Xerox, Bed Bug, Wojo, Everest, Thurmanator, Scooby Doo, Ozone

QIC: Poehler