There has been several resounding things YHC has learned from F3 and especially training for the Growruck; team work is everything, we are capable of so much more than we tell ourselves, leadership is a learned skill and is shared, and EMBRACE THE SUCK.  One has to mentally tell themselves that they can do this and can do it while very uncomfortable.  When YHC saw the weather forecast and got the call to Q it was time to put these topics to practice.  With a disclaimer given and mission statement nailed over the cocophany of mumblechatter, we mosey’d down the back nine to the green of #12 for:

Warm A Rama:

With Dipper making a comeback tour, he asked to help lead and YHC wholeheartedly agreed.

Cotton Pickers IC x 15

Sun Gods IC x 10, rev x 10

Hand Release Merkins IC x 15

Windmills IC x 15

Mosey to the 14th tee box for:

The Thang:

YHC is a fan of hitting a body part and beating it down then moving to the next body part.  Act 1 saw very little time off the ground not engaging the core and shoulders.

Mountain Climbers IC x 15

Plank Jacks IC x 15

Peter Parkers IC x 15

All with no recovery and right into the next exercise.

Time to embrace the suck…Mosey to the start of the fairway for:

Steamer Says

Line up shoulder to shoulder facing down the long par 5, when YHC says go, sprint.  The following commands were given; belly,(hit the ground), back, (roll onto your back), feet, (hop up).  We were off. After approximately 50 yards, BELLY.  It was pretty much a slip and slide due to all the rain.  We were muddy, wet, and some people mildly injured.  Sorry Second mile.  BACK, FEET.  This was repeated several times until we were on our back and YHC called out:

WWIs SC x 15.

Belly, back, feet.  Repeated several times ending on stomach for:

Merkins SC x 15

Belly, Back, Feet. Repeato until on feet for:

SSH IC x 15

Belly, back, feet until on belly for:

100 yard bear crawl, once ending, holding the plank position for:

Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x 15

Time to stand up, mosey to the green of # 15 for:

LSF IC x 40

Mosey to the fairway of #16, line up shoulder to shoulder for:

100 yard Lt Dan

Copperhead Squat IC x 20

Wojo Jump Squat SC x 20

30 low squat hold called oh so slowly by Lassie, our inspirational leader.

Line up single file and head back onto the cart path for:

Bataan Death March

Indian Run with the 6, performing 5 merkins running back up to catch the pax, tapping the last man’s shoulder and sprinting to the front.  Repeat until we arrive at the green of #17.

YHC swears that it wasn’t going to happen, but it could not be helped.

Modified Jack Webb Air press IC x 4/ Merkins SC x 4 ascending ladder 5 rounds to 20 IC/ 20 SC.  No words.

Mosey to “the Burm” for descending ladder modified jack webb with the following:

Hand release Merkins IC x 10, run over the burm for Carolina Dry Docks SC x 10, and run back and descend the reps by even numbers down to 2 IC/ 2 SC. 6:14:30, sprint to the shovel flag, 6:15.


Pocahontas’ uncle passed so prayers for his family.  Swag is going to be a papa once again, prayers for a healthy pregnancy for his M! Frosted Flake has the Q for Carterican Court, Duck has the Swash, Beaufort is doing something, The Stampede will be back in Beaufort this week.  Lassie laid claim that the Hero Patriot is on Saturday.  3rd F today at 12:15 FUMC.  YHC asked Dipper to read an email sent by Gilligan.  Gilligan, our forever Q and founding father spoke to several of us and wanted to share the following with Pax; Gilligan as we know, suffered from bacterial endocarditis which infected one of his heart valves and has required 2 valve replacements.  He has to have annual ECGs and MRIs of his heart and vessels.  His latest MRI showed dilation of his aorta.  He was advised that any form of heavy lifting could accelerate a need for further surgical intervention.  He is ok to do boot camp cardio and isometric exercise.  As we know, he has completed a Goruck in the past and was the catalyst for getting F3 Carterico to embrace the idea of completing a 12 hour Goruck tough challenge.  He is very disappointed that he has to back out and he epitomizes never throwing in the towel.  He knows that this is something that you can’t half-ass and expect the others to pull more weight.  He knows that if he did the challenge it is not in his nature to not push it to the max, not for himself, but for us.  That is WHO he is.  We before he.  We owe him everything and YHC told him that to embrace the essence of what the Goruck tough means is to understand the concept of the team and never leaving a fallen man out there.  Mini Me taught us the hard lesson last week of losing a leader and stepping up to carrying the fallen leader home.  Gilligan put F3 Carterico on his back, and carried us as a Pax until we grew and could carry ourselves.  Because of him, and him giving us the concept of fraternity through physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth, he changed the lives of every man reading these words.  Take a look at yourself when you read this and ask yourself this, if you didn’t meet Gilligan or someone that he touched would be near the calibre of man that you are right here and right now.  YHC SURE AS HELL WOULD NOT BE.  So, I feel that it is our time to honor him, to “carry him across the finish line” and dedicate this challenge to him. I plan to recommend to the participants that we each get a ruck strap, paint it Bulldog red and black and tie it to our ruck sacks to honor him.  Gilligan you are with us brother everyday that a shovel flag is planted in the dirt.  Jack Rabbit took us out in a wonderful prayer about living our day in a way to glorify God and do our works in His image.

I can’t tell you how much I was honored to lead this morning.  Until the next time. SYITG


PAX: Pasquale, Boss Tweed, Shroom, Jang A Lang, Madoff, Frosted Flake, Ramaeaeses, Bayliner, Lassie, Aflac, Dipper, Second Mile, Rooney, Squid, Swaggert, Deebo, Pocahontas, Doogie, Steamer

QIC: Steamer