6 men punk’d the fartsack this AM to join YHC at Oak Ridge’s Cadet Lab to celebrate (with pain of course) his one year anniversary beat-down from Everest.  One year ago Everest left YHC near bedridden for 3+ days as he recovered from his first F3 post.  Back then, parts of YHC hurt that he didn’t think could hurt.  A year later he is way better for it and wanted to repay the beatdown; therefore, what goes around, comes around.  Today’s workout attacked the core (reminiscent of Everest 5-minute plank) and we nailed the cardio with close to 2.5 total miles of brisk running.  The workout played out as follows…

Short Mosey around parking lot to maintenance building retaining wall for….                                 20 Dips, 20 Step Ups Right Foot, 20 Dips, 20 Step Ups Left Foot, 20 Dips


SSH (x20) IC, Merkins (x10) HOLD, Mountain Climbers (x12) HOLD, Carolina Dry Docks (x10) Recover, Windwills (x15), Hillbillies (x15) IC

Thang 1

Aggressive Mosey to Football Field for…                                                                                       120 Yard Bear Crawl #alwaysacrowdpleaser #youknewitwascoming, On our sixes for, low flutter (x15), and bicycles (x15), On to Pull-Up Bars for Hanging Knee Pullups to chest (x20)

Thang 2

Partner Up, Partner A: Run /  Partner B: Stay to Exercise – SWITCH, Jump Rope, (100) WW1 Situps, (60) Burpees, 40 Evolution of Man (one of my favorite exercises I learned from Tommy Boy at LF), Jump Rope


Quick set of Monkey Humpers for Stubing (x15), Box Cutters (x15), Outlaws (x14, 7 each way),   American Hammer, Passed the Q Torch to Convoy to take us out with (x25)

COT:  Misfire

Prayer Request

Wolverine’s wife has a friend battling early stages of breast cancer.  Asked for prayers, encouragement, healing, and strength.


Come support your fellow F3 brothers Sunday at the Massacre Marathon Relay at Country Park.  Starts at 10:00 AM and it’s not too late to sign up.

Moleskin:  Great work today by all.  Though the crowd was small, the energy and enthusiasm was large.  YHC passed the final Mary exercise, American Hammer, to Convoy to close us out as he has Q next week – his VQ.  Come support him next Tuesday and come join the Men of Oak Ridge AO in the future.

It’s always an honor…


PAX: Spurrier

QIC: 02/07/2017