It’s been a long and sleepy 6 weeks since YHC has made it out to F3.  Babies can’t hold me down…for too long!   So, when in doubt, Q a workout and poof, now you’re accountable to showing up!

Today, 14 PAX battled the sequel to the Summer blockbuster, Suicide Squad, but engaging in our own Suicide squad.  A beautiful 50 degree morning in downtown Gboro.  Here’s what happened:

Warmara (movie trailers):

SSH x 25

Sun Gods x 20 (both directions and overhead)

Imperial Walkers – 20

Windmill – 15


The Thang – (feature film – Suicide Squad / Arise addition)

Plot – 14 PAX breakout out of bed/jail to mosey to the parking deck across GUMC on Friendly.  There, they found an incredibly long parking lot with cones spread out the length of the parking lot, and a white board with directions written on it.  First, however, we did 50 calve raises…then came the fun.

Pax completed 5 sets of full suicides with a wrinkle.  Before running, complete an exercise.  Then each time you return to the staring position during your suicide, we do another 10 reps of the same exercise.  There were 6 cones plus the original 10, so each set was a total of 70 .  Following exercises commenced:

  1. Merkins (
  2. Full sit ups (WWII) (60 total)
  3. Copperhead squats (60 total)
  4. Carolina Dry Docks
  5. Lunges (each leg 10 each…120 total)

The Suicide Squad ended and we moseyed back to GUMC.


6MOM:  (The Movie Credits)

25 LBC

25 low slow flutters

15 Cindy Crawfords (both sides)

25 – Freddie Mecury

20 – American Hammers



Bull Dog – Tomorrow at Slamming Sammy, there will be quick 3rd F after the workout.  Coffee will be provided.

Shout out to Jared – First workout in 2 years.  In between his 2 posts, he got married and had a baby.

Polar – Heart walk in May organized by Tommy Boy.  Looking for site Qs to form teams and raise some money for a great cause.

Phoenix – Tommy Boy is also leading a nutrition challenge.  Get in touch with Tommy Boy to learn more.


A new record was recorded this morning.  3:23 seconds!  Way to go team!


Thank you for the privilege to lead this morning.  It was great seeing you, and it’s funny to think  that you can actually miss waking up at 4:45 to workout out with sweaty men outside in the cold.  But, it’s true…I did!  Thank you for all of the well wishes on our newest addition.  Special shout out to Roker for the twitter shout out!   Baby and mom are doing great.








PAX: Magic

QIC: 2-7-17