For YHC this day began at 5:15 and has been about non-stop until 10:00pm The only break was to watch the Pack lose yet another basketball game. Not sure why I continue to watch, but eternal hope means something I guess. Anyways, YHC kept seeing backblasts being posted for Saturday’s workouts, even one for Friday and thinking that the Pax are waiting on me to post this message. It appears that the Cougartown back-blast will be posted prior to midnight, as it should be.

With just one more football game in the ’16-’17 season, YHC was inspired to do something on the football field of one of the best AOs in Natville. This place really has it all. If you have not been you should make an effort. When YHC arrived, it was much darker than expected. There was worry if the pax would be able to read the ques at each station. Arriving back to the I. shovelflag with just a couple of minutes to spare. The Pax were all regulars and donning gloves. It was too cold to stand around, so we moseyed.


Began with the mosey down to the road and into Carolyn Allen Park. After getting the blood flowing up the hill into the park we circled up for:

SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Seal Jacks x 20 IC

Copperhead squats x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

THANG: Line up on end line. Stations start at the Goal line and every 10 yards after that. Do the prescribed exercise at each station. Sprint to station and back to goal line each time unless station directs otherwise.


Goalline – Air squared x 100 claps

10 yd.    Travoltas x 90 (45 each arm)

20yd.     LBC x 80

30yd.     Flutterkicks x 70

40yd.     American Hammer x 60

50yd.     Lt. Dans back to the goalline (50yds)

40yd.     Carolina Dry Docks x 40

30yd.     One leg Burpee x 30

20yd.     Non-Alternating Shoulder taps x 20

10yd.     Scorpion Dry docks (sprint back to goal line 90yds, then back to this end line)

Repeat process for SOUTHBOUND rushers

Goalline – Nolan Ryans x 100 (50 each arm)

10 yd.    E2K x 90 (45 each side) On your six. Right ankle over the left knee, bring your left elbow to your right knee.

20yd.     Plank Jacks x 80

30yd.     Al Gore x 70 sec count

40yd.     Thigh Master x 60 (30 each leg) Starting position – In forward lunge with knees slightly bent. Perform standard lunge movement bending with back knee touching ground and then return to starting position.

50yd.     Ranger Merkins x 50

40yd.     Imperial Walkers x 40

30yd.     One Arm pickle pusher x 30 (15 on each arm)(other arm held straight out to side or above head)

20yd.     Turkish Get-ups x 20

10yd.     Seal Jacks x 10

The Pax got back to the 20 (Turkish get-ups). TPS leading the way helped collected the station signs. The group completed the 10 seal jacks as a group prior to a mosey back to the I. Shovelflag.


Freddie Mercury x 15 IC

Gas pump x 15

LSF x 15 IC

American Hammer x 15 IC

COT- TPS took us out.

Announcements & Moleskin:

  • It was cold this morning. Verified by the fact that the water bottles used to hold down the sheets of paper became frozen during the workout. T-claps to Nails going with bare legs. burrrrr
  • The cold also claimed YHC’s phone as it shut down and would not restart after being out in the cold for over an hour. Good thing we did not need it for an emergency. The other things said have faded from YHC’s memory.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead.

PAX: TPS, Heisenburg (WD), Nails, Bodett (WB)

QIC: Bodett