On a cold February morning 4 pax defeated the fartsack to join YHC at the friendly confines of Lindley Park for F3 Greensboro’s premier 6 am Saturday workout:  Inside Voices!  YHC doesn’t often get the chance to post here but was happy to take the Q.  When working on a workout plan YHC remembered a good workout Fannie had done about a year prior.  YHC decided to “borrow heavily” from that for the workout plan.  YHC was also honored with Fannie’s attendance so the favor could be returned.  It went down something like this:



Johnny Cash X 10 merkins per pax

Copperhead Squats X 15 IC

Burpees X 5 OYO

Sun Gods X 15 IC

Reverse Sun Gods X 15 IC

Each pax then completed 10 backboard/net jumps while the other pax completed Imperial Walkers waiting their turn.  YHC is definitely not the jumper other pax are.

The Thang

The pax ran through the park and upon exiting did Monkey Humpers X 15 IC.  When we made the left turn onto Walker we completed Cotton Pickers X 15 IC.  We then ran down Walker, took a left on Elam, and then a left on Camden.  From where we started to where we finished (at the entrance to Lindley Park Elementary School) at every intersection we did the following (1 of each in order from first to last):

–  Diamond Merkins X 10 IC (1st intersection)

– Imperial Walkers X 15 IC (2nd intersection)

– Abe Vigodas X 15 IC (3rd intersection)

– Saban’s/Alabama A** Kickers X 10 IC each leg (4th intersection)

– Casey Kasem’s X 10 IC (5th intersection)

– Carolina Dry Docks X 10 IC (6th intersection)

– Mountain Climbers X 15 IC (7th intersection)

– Hillbillies X 15 IC (8th intersection)

– Mummy Kicks X 15 IC (9th intersection)

– Al Gore;  hold for 45 seconds (10 intersection)

– Moroccan Nightclub X 15 IC (11th intersection;  entrance to Lindley Park Elementary School)

At entrance to Lindley Park Elementary School for approximately 40 yards we completed a round of Lieutenant Dan’s #crowdpleaser . We then moseyed to the back parking lot for the following:

Round of Nines (started with 1 Cusack Squat and run across the parking lot with 8 Merkins;  finished with 8 Cusack Squats and 1 Merkin).  After completing this round we left Lindley Park Elementary School and moseyed back to the shovel flag.  Once on Market Street I instructed the pax to complete 1 more exercise:  the Monkey Humper X 20 IC.  But YHC threw in a twist (backsides must face Market).  It was juvenile, tacky, and oh so fun!  We then moseyed back to the shovel flag for 6MOM.


Song Time:  “Burning Love” by Elvis Presley

YHC was raised on “The King”.  After completing the thang and with the pax smoked (including YHC) YHC made this as easy as possible.  Start in LBC position and complete an LBC whenever you hear “Burning Love” #realcrowdpleaser

Apollo Creeds X 10 IC

Freddie Mercury X 10 IC

American Hammer X 15 IC

Great effort by the pax today!  Fannie did a great job running (not his favorite thing).  Always great to post with Phoenix (the man can run), and it was great working out with Gold Digger and Lightyear to (thanks to all for attending).


  1. Phoenix is on the Q for Monday’s Quaker Crater!
  2. J Love is organizing a Hanging Rock hike for Super Bowl Sunday.  Meet at the Harris Teeter at the corner of Battleground/Old Battleground at 8 am (will return by 3 pm).
  3. Please pray for Heisenberg’s and Wolverine’s job search.

COT:  Fannie took us out

It was an honor to lead today.  Thanks again for the opportunity!




PAX: Udders

QIC: 02/04/17