As the PAX rolled late into the gloom, there was instant chatter concerning if they were going have a beatdown in the sprinkling mist or stay nice and dry in the deck. In fact, several PAX were begging and pleading (#Alt) to workout in the dry parking deck. Luckily, that is exactly where we ended up as YHC checked the weather the night before. As a side note, YHC made a game time decision not to have the PAX endure the wrath of DORACides (check it out on the Exicon – looks horrible!) and opted for the Standard Dora 1-2-3-4.


Head over to Spinal Tab Parking Deck (Bellmeade) and mosey to the 5th floor via the inclined deck (sorry no spiral today). On the up ramp, instructed pax to do the following: Cusacks, Lunges, Karaoke and Backwards Run. Circle up on the the 5th floor:

  • Mountain Climbers X 20 IC
  • Parker Peters X 15 IC
  • Sungods/Chinooks combo X 10 IC
  • Copperhead Lunge


Dora 1-2-3-4 – Teams of 2 pax working together to reach cumulative exercise goals of 75, 100, 200, and 300 reps. Pax 1 executes as many reps as possible while Pax 2 sprints down parking ramp one floor and then back up to relieve partner 1- Flapjack.

  • 75 Monkey Humpers
  • 100 Hand Release Merkins
  • 200 Wojo Squats
  • 300 Crunchy Frogs

Teams that finished early were instructed to perform the following:

  • Burpees X 10
  • Crab Cakes X 25
  • Chinooks X 25
  • Jack Webb X 25
  • Dying Cockroach X 25
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps X 25
  • Jumping Lunges X 25

Omaha called at 6:06 – head back down to bottom of parking deck

6MOM on second floor of deck – keep PAX dry

  • Flutter Kick X 20 IC
  • American Hammer X 20 IC
  • Head back to shovel flag for a little Super Bowl fun bonus round – asked PAX to split into two groups: Group 1, voting for Falcons – Group 2, voting for Patriots. YHC warned that there would be a good and bad decision based on the team chosen. After the parting of the PAX, YHC announced that Falcon fans get 5 Burpees and Patriot’s fans get 5 Side Straddle Hops- that announcement led to some foul language from the Falcon crowd.


  • Appears that about 2/3rds of the PAX are hoping that the Falcons win their first Super Bowl
  • Cheesy Poof has a gray pullover from last week’s Uptown Funk, please contact him if it is yours
  • During announcement, YHC thought it was time to put a couple of men on the spot and asked everyone that has not Q’ed Uptown Funk to take two steps forward. About 15 guys stepped forward – the time has come my friends, take the Q plunge.
  • Woody mentioned that all site Q’s are in need of future Q’s. Therefore, it is time to start recruiting and asking new faces to step up!

PAX: LYnda

QIC: 02/03/17