31 PAX joined YHC this morning at the Nightmare:

We moseyed to the upper parking lot by Pisgah Church for the Warm a Rama:

20 x SSH

16 x Imperial Walkers

16 x Hillbillies

3 Burpees

16 x String Rippers

Yoga Pose

3 Burpees

Formed 2 lines for an Indian Run to the lower parking lot by the gate


Teams of three: Person exercising at the top of the hill, person running and person working out at bottom of the hill by the shelter

Top of the hill workout:

Carolina Dry Dock



Flutter Kicks

Al Gore

Alt. Shoulder Taps


Bottom of the Hill Workout:

Step ups

Low Dolly


Imperial Walker

Mountain Climbers

Peter Parkers

Monkey Humpers

After everything was complete, every one lined up in a horizontal line and sprinted 30 yards followed by 3 burpees

Pax Lunged back to the starting line followed by 3 burpees

PAX lined up again for another 30 yard sprint followed by 3 burpees

PAX karaoked back to the starting line followed by 3 burpees

2 lines were formed for an Indian Run back to the shovel flag


25 x LBC’s

30 x Flutter Kicks

3 x Extended Plank with a full Pax 30 count

25 x American Hammers


Sign up for the Heart Walk, Tommy Boy is site Q and Bed Bud is the first team leader

Hike tomorrow (2/5) to hanging rock, meet at Harris Teeter at corner of Battleground and Old Battleground at 8am .  J Love is the Site Q

Prayers for Dabo’s daughter post surgery

Spam and his wife had baby last night.  Congrats and Praise for that.

Nutrition Challenge Kicks off on the day after the SuperBowl, Tommy Boy is the site Q


The Culture Club had a profound affect on the PAX and motivated many.  Especially our fearless leader WOJO


Thank you to Stage Freight for taking us out and reminding us to keep the first things first

PAX: 2/4/2017

QIC: HushPuppy