24 crisp degrees with Woody spinning the tunes greet the PAX upon arrival at the Daische this morning. YHC prefers birthdays to pass without much ado, but I couldn’t resist Q’ing to welcome yet another year closer to RESPECT! No FNG’s in sight so a brief welcome sans disclaimer was offered up. PAX were informed that 45 years ago this AM, YHQ entered the world barreling towards this very morning for the specific purpose of attempting to smoke someone somehow besides myself!

In honor of another PAX turning the calendar to another year older, we started off on a “Woody Lap” up Willoughby to St. Regis and enter the home of the Mustangs through the back fields. To the football field for:

Old Man Warmarama:

Seal Jacks x 26 IC

March/Twist x 25 IC

Sun Gods (sobriety style) x 13 IC forward/12 IC reverse

Leg Swings x 10 IC ea leg

Reverse lunge x 10 IC

Toy Soldiers x 10 IC

#Mumblechatter was strong this AM! YHQ lost count a few times. Good stuff

Mosey up to baseball outfields

The Thang I: Ring of Fire

PAX partnered up, chose a starting station. Perform listed exercise AMRAP for 45 seconds. When “TIME” is called, run to middle cone for 3 burpees and then run to next station.


– Merkins

– Monkey Humpers

– Pull Ups (under bleachers)

– Squats

– Mt. Climbers

– Carolina Dry Docks

– Lunges


– Stagger Merkins

– Heidens

After 1.5 trips around the ring, PAX collected cones and moseyed to practice field on opposite side of Mendenhall.

Thang II: Bear Crawl Ring of Fire

PAX bear crawl in a circle until Q calls stop. Each exercise performed by PAX one at a time while rest of group planks in wait. After all PAX perform exercise, the bear crawl begins again.

Merkins x 10 ea

WWII x 10 ea

Merkins x 10 (all PAX together on Q count)

Was that a “just wait a minute” Quicken?


Superman/Banana x lost count (an ole Chips favorite)

Side V Ups x 15 IC each side

Hammer x 20 IC


Anchor: remember how blessed we are to be able to get up, get out and POST. F3 PAX all around are injured, ill and otherwise unable to get going. This is not a given so don’t take it for granted.

Quicken (a tad unsure) on Q at Grinder Monday: Mixing some old and new stuff for your Posting pleasure.

I-Beam: Site Q changing of the guard coming up soon for Grinder. Needs someone to step up and take the reigns (but don’t look at Woody!)

Dash 1 Year Anniversary coming up soon (2 weeks?)

Viagra: 49 year young F3 brother in HP had a heart attack. Listen to your body but don’t be a Bi$%&!


Quicken: Welcome back from the Disney Cruise. For being knee deep in Coronas and face down in Belgian Waffles all week, you didn’t seem to miss too many steps! Just keep and eye on Boy Wonder, when he leaves the station that might be a clue Time was called.  Happy belated bday.

I-Beam & Anchor: thanks for letting the Q tag along. Good to work out with you two

Deuce: watch out for the old man leg swings, you’ll take a foot in the face every time. But feel free to lick Quicken up anytime.

Jordache: sweet salmon colored legs after the cold set in. Quicken apparently couldn’t keep his eyes of them – work that out with him offline

Job well done by all as usual. Hopefully it was worth the price of admission. Thanks for helping me kick off the 46th year right!

COT: YHC grateful for day, fellow PAX and opportunity to lead.



PAX: Chips

QIC: 02/04/17