When Matlock calls to be Q, I knew I had to answer…although it was kind of strange that we didn’t have a Matlock showing this morning!  Apparently his alarm clock malfunctioned! Even without the fearless site Q for the Fringe, 29 PAX braved the elements on this winter day.  This was an impressive showing since they knew that it was guaranteed to rain with YHC (“Drizzle”) on the Q.  YHC took a different approach and eschewed the weights in favor of an exploration to new regions of the AO at Greensboro Day School.

After the brief obligatory disclaimers, we moseyed through the campus of GDS over to the front of the middle school for the Warm a rama and beginning of the exploration.

Warm A Rama:

SSH x 20 / 5 Burpees / IW x 20 /4 Burpees /String Rippers x 18 / 3 Burpees / Sun gods x 12 each arm / Chinooks x 12/ 5 Burpees (broke the trend!- mumble chatter ensued)

We then moseyed to the soccer fields over by the Middle School .

The Thang:

Everyone broke into teams of three people.  There were two stations at each end of the soccer field (~75 yards apart).    One PAX performed the exercises at Station 1 while the other PAX performed the exercises at Station 2.  The third PAX on the team ran from one station to the other and relieved the team who then ran back to the other station to relieve the other guy…etc, etc.

Station 1:  Frog push ups / One leg bridge dip / Merkins / Squats

Station 2:  Spider-Man push ups /Copperhead Squats / Burpees /ISO climber push up/ Combat push ups

We then moseyed as a group over to the basketball courts and split into teams of two PAX.  We completed the following exercises:

  • Wheel Barrel partner to the end of court. then FLAPJACK
  • Burpee Broad Jump with Partner to end of cones, then FLAPJACK
  • 25 Hand touch Merkins Carry partner to end of cones, repeat and FLAPJACK
  • Leap Frog partner FLAPJACK, to half court, Repeat FLAPJACK

After that bundle of fun, we took a leisurely mosey through the front end of the campus (next to Lawndale) to get back to the Shovel Flag location in the high school parking lot.


LBC (Everest leading) x 20 IC

Box Cutter (Wojo leading) x 20 IC

American Hammer (Tommy Boy leading) x 25 IC

FNG Naming:

Skip  was brought out by Grizzly.  He is 48 with three kids and works for Toyota Racing.  He was appropriately named “Honda”!


-Butt Fumble reminded about the shelter dinner on 2/19. Reach out to Expired if you want to serve on that Sunday.  Bring clothes or jackets for WE shelter.  Matlock still collecting cans for Urban Ministry.

-Wojo announced that Stinky Cheese will be doing a shoe collection soon at Off N Running.  Start bringing to AOs and there will be a day in early March where they can

-3rd F announcement on Fridays at Lawndale Panera by Jitterbug.

-Tommy Boy reminded that the Warrior Nutrition plan will start on Monday after the Super Bowl.  Look for the link on twitter.  Hit him up on Tiwtter or Slack to get more information.  Accountabiilty meetings on Tuesdays at Green Joes at 630.

-Bodett is Qing Cougar Town tomorrow.


Sorry I missed 2-3 guys on the attendance list..My microphone wasn’t working that well.  If you are missing on the list, let me know and I will add you.


Slum Lord took us out with a great prayer of praise.

This was a true pleasure to Q such a great turnout by the PAX today.



PAX: Drizzle

QIC: 02/03/17