Pax of 8 gathered in the chilly am to experience some sprint work set up by YHC, Prophet.  But before we got to the sprints, we needed to get the fire stoked with a brutal warm-up.  After the pax moseyed around the complex, the morning went like this:


20 Side Straddle Hops

20 Prayer Squats

Sun gods – 20 forward, 10 backward (Dean came late and interrupted the Q so the count got off)

20 Through the Tunnels

20 Shoulder Pretzels

15 Windmills

The pax then moseyed to the portico for a more intense warmup of the following:

Jacobs Ladder – 10 Burpees on one end, 1 Lt. Dan on other

9 Burpees, 2 Lt. Dans, etc.

Continued all the way to 5 Burpees, 6 Lt. Dans before time was called to move on to the Thang.


2 Setups, each with 3 cones, blocks, and an exercise sheet, 60 yards apart.  Groups of 4 at each set-up.  2 on the first cone, 1 each at the other two cones.  Three men at the cones start doing the first exercise listed while the extra man runs 60 yards from cone 1 to cone 2 to switch out with the guy there, who then runs the 60 yards to cone 3. The guy there runs the 120 yards back to cone 1.  When you are at the cones “waiting” you are going through exercise 1.  When you complete a full loop and end up back at the cone you started on, move to exercise 2 when “waiting” at the cones. Continue until time is called, rinse and repeat if you get all the way through the exercises.  The exercises are as follows:

  • Merkins
  • Block Squat into Overhead Block Presses
  • Block Bicep Curls
  • Overhead Triceps Extensions
  • Prisoner Get-Ups (optional w/ Block)
  • Burpees

The pax got through the Triceps Extensions before time was called for Mary.


20 LBCs

20 Lo Slo Flutters

15 Cindy Crawfords each side

20 American Hammers


Super Bowl Party @ Grandover Swim and Racquet


Rubble prayed us out!

PAX: Prophet

QIC: 1/30/17