YHC rolled into the parking lot at the Cadet Shuffle in Oak Ridge this morning only to discover that Kay was the only other PAX member on hand. Udders was under the weather so I figured we would keep it simple and I would try to keep up with Kay for most of the run. Here is what we did today:


SSHs x 20 IC

Windmills x 20 IC

Stretches for 30 Seconds


Head out on the .9 mile loop around the park. Stop at the picnic shelter at the far end of the park for 25 dips and continue running the loop.

On the 2nd loop, stop at the shelter again and do 25 LBCs. Continue running.

On the 3rd loop, stop at the shelter again for 25 derkins. Continue running around back to the shovel flag.

Continue for one more lap without stopping.

Halfway through lap 3 Kay made a pit stop at the bathroom and I went from several hundred yards behind to about 400 ahead. Made him work but he still caught up to me before we were halfway around on lap #4. The dude can run. We completed 3.6 miles. Slowly getting in some running shape for the Marathon Massacre relay on Feb 12th. Kay has a marathon at Myrtle Beach coming up the first of March. See below for another race. Many more to come as it warms up. Start running.


20 LBCs IC

20 American Hammers


YHC took us out.


Coming March 18th 8:30 AM LeBauer Park in Downtown Greensboro https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/Greensboro/321DashforDowns

This is a benefit 5K for Down Syndrome in honor of World Down Syndrome Day. Check out the link above and there will be more details to come from Double Check.

Kay had a big presentation at work today at Eco-Lab.

10 mile Hike at Hanging Rock this Sunday. Leaving at 8 AM from Greensboro and Oak Ridge or wherever and returning about 3:00 that afternoon. Call or text YHC for more details if interested. 336-978-0384 Double Check, J-Love, Gilligan and others are going. 2.0s welcome too. YHC might be going.

As always, it is great to be an F3 guy and to get out and work hard. It is a blessing that we should not take for granted as we realize many can’t do what we do.







PAX: Kay, Heisenberg (Q)

QIC: Heisenberg