Nine ferocious gloom demons showed up for an epic beatdown in the near hinterlands of Summerfield, NC, near the VA border according to Gunny. This was not a “Daphne epic” beatdown, just a “Slummy epic” beatdown. The disclaimer was uttered successfully amidst a low tide of grumble chatter from Xerox and assorted others. Both expectations and tradition were cast aside by starting off with superhero tryouts, all the while Q spun magical tales of his life experience, etc… It ought to be mentioned that Polo must be renamed again, possibly as El Fuego after considering his fiery effort in the gloom, which astounded not only the Pax, but a couple random squirrels took note of his demigod-like prowess too.

Then this happen…

Warm-a-rama @ Vet Memorial

Superman-Banana, Don Q & SSH

Mosey to the school for a little fun.

Tha Thang

  • 5 ROUNDS
  • [x5] PULL-UPS between each set
  • GOAL: 450 reps
  1. MERKIN [x20]
  2. IN & OUT [x10]
  4. Xs & Os [x10]

Around the 3rd or 4th round, the Q called for a commercial break from the regularly scheduled beatdown to introduce the Pax to another Slummy innovation, the “Sideways Bear Crawl Stop-Drop-and-Roll”. They loved it and asked over and over again to do more, but the Q had to maintain discipline and ordered the Pax to walk lunge back to the jungle gym for more flogging. There was an air raid in the middle of all this fun, so the no burpee promise was broken to the chagrin of Xerox.

Mosey to the Hill of Doom (behind the Vet Memorial)

  • Pax divided into two teams
  • 5 SPRINTS to the top

Mosey to the Vet Memorial


Freddy Mercury, Crabcakes, Endless Planks, USA Hammer & Homer Marge (while Q got his phone)


Q announced Heart Association service opportunity.

Xerox prayed us out.

Name-o-rama (name, birthday (supposed to be age) & F3 name)

PAX: Slum Lord

QIC: 2/2/2017