Its been awhile for Yeti to take the Q. Had dust off the weinke and put it to use!  Here is how it went down.

Warmarama – First lap around the track a basic Mosey.  Second lap backwards 50 yards, High Knees, followed by Butt Kickers and the Sprints.  Followed by 20 SSH, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Merkins, 20 Peter Parkers, and wrap it up with 20 LBC’S all IC.

The Thang

Partner A runs one lap around the track while Partner B completes the set.

  1. One hand Kettle Bell Swing
  2. Clean / Press
  3. Curls
  4. Squats
  5. Push up position Row
  6. Kettlebell Lunge and Rotation
  7. Kettlebell American Hammer
  8. Figure 8

Nice Work… running out of time as usual… I called Omaha and started the Mary at 6:10am. But wait Its not complete until we get the Ring of Fire going.  Pax Bear Crawled in a circle then Completed 100 Merkins


Jitterbug led us in doing the Cockroach , Wicked jumped with American Hammers and Boatshow wrapped us up with some Low Slow Flutters.  Thanks to all for the support!



Jitterbug – Friday mornings after Lunatic Fringe Meet at Panera on Lawndale – Current book study – Destined for Conquest

Tommy Boy – Warrior Nutrition Challenge – See Tommy Boy for Details… Starts Monday after the Superbowl


Please Welcome our FNG  Mike Eanes aka Grizzley   (


PAX: Tommy Boy, Schnitzel, Nomad, Hootie, Bodett, TPS, Boatshow, Wicked, War Damn Eagle, Avocado, Matlock, Stubbing, Mike Eanes FNG (aka Grizzly) Jitterbug, Wojo, Bedbug, Huffy, Poehler, Flow, Yeti

QIC: Yeti