14 beast stepped up to challenge this morning. Around 5:27 six PAX were standing around wondering where the SSS regulars were and what they were doing? Could they be Fartsacking? Possibly, but highly unlikely.  Could they be downrange?  Possibly, but this many at once?  Nah, too much of a coincidence and abnormality for this many to be missing. Did they start tailgating early for the Super Bowl?  Definitely a possibility.  Three words: GO DIRTY BIRDS!  I digress…5:30 hits and we’re off, but what do I see?  A phantom PAX coming in hot on foot in the dark.  Sweet, the numbers are improving!  A short mosey took us to the old school park gym where we – wait, what tha?!?  What just happened?  I turn around and there’s a whole gaggle of PAX standing around.  The numbers have more than doubled?  These PAX gremlins, I must have hit one with a snot rocket and caused them to multiply, awesome!  Again, back to the deal. Three lines for active warm-up.  3 PAX on the pull-up bar banging out 10 pull-up while the rest SSH. R&R X 3, incorporating some sun gods F&B and more SSH’s.  Mosey to the office complex hill, AKA Explosion’s outdoor bathroom.

Thang – Kill The Hill

Partner up into teams of 3.  Two stations set approximately 100 yards apart, one at the top of the hill, one at the bottom of the hill.  Partner A starts prescribed exercise at the top of the hill, B does the same at the bottom of the hill.  Partner C runs suicides 30 yards up & back, 70 yards up and back, then 100 yards up to relieve A, and so forth…

Bottom Hill Work:

  • Burpees
  • Merkins
  • LBC’s
  • Crunchy Frogs
  • Jump Squats
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Plank Jacks


Top Hill Work:

  • LSF
  • Squats
  • Lt. Dan’s
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Mt. Climbers
  • Perkins (Peter Parker w/Merkin)
  • Catalina Wine Mixers


Most Made it through 4.5 evolutions before time was called to return to flag for…



Low Dolly X 10 IC

Alternating leg hold/crunches X 30

American Hammer X 25 IC


Dean took us out


Cornhole: 3rd F immediately following at Friendly HT

Gunny: Kotters to Nancy & Shoutout’s to Avocado & War Damn Eagle

Nancy: Nancy & his M are teaching FREE swing dance lessons on Friday’s at Grace Methodist.  Details to follow, and sounds like a great 1st & 2nd F opportunity.



PAX: 02/01/2017

QIC: 191