There seemed to have been a theme going on in last week’s wo’s. At Quaker Crater Udders did the Baton Death March, which is Indian run with 5 burpees. It felt so good Stubing did that again at Cadet Lab. Then at Slamming Sammy Defib did Catch me if you can, which is the PAX does some exercise which partner run ahead, then PAX catch up to partner, then partner does the exercise. This whole chasing thing was a lot of fun and camaraderie, and I felt compelled to adapt in today’s Quaker.

At the same time, I had great respect to Daphne who flogged the PAX silly at Natty’s Hump, with all the merkins. I was hoping to do some variety of merkins. Riding on his popularity, I tweeted out an invitation to him. I think it worked, 20 PAX showed up, just so they can get a glimpse of Daphne.

(TClaps to JR, Ashley, and Defib for extra credit run!)

Warmarama: SSH, 20x merkins,

Thang #1:

“curb merkins”, plank two feet away from curb, with one arm extended on the curb. Do merkin thus; the idea is to place most weight on just one arm. We first did 5 regular merkins, 5 left arm, 5 right arm. Brief rest, then 10 regular, 10 left, and 10 right. Followed by:curb lunges 10x, monkey humper 20x. And then curb merkin 10/10/10 again. By now we’ve done 95 merkins, and QIC is feeling smoked #ohhhno

Thang #2:

catch me if you can, PAX partner up, 10 wojo squat to catch up to partner. Wow that didn’t work, since PAX ran so fast the partner couldn’t catch them. at the library bridge, QIC changed to 5 wojo squats. we ran a loop on Hobbs, New Garden, back to shovel flag, measuring about 1 mile. QIC partner’d with Leverage, who was very encouraging, overlooking my slowness.

After some plank routine focusing on the rib cage, I was going to chicken out on my own weinke, but Bedbug liked Thang #2 he wanted to do it again. Thang #2 was repeated, this time we ran in the opposite direction, and the exercise was 5 merkins. After that QIC was huffing like a bull dog on July 4th!


LBC 20x

Cindy Crawford 15x each side

Downward dog to cat stretch couple of times

Slumlord led us out on the longest American Hammer. Ouch!


Bedbug: heart walk around UNCG, raise money for Tommy Boy. F3 group already signed up.

Cornhole: VQ at Arise! PAX are excited!!!

Slumlord: Fenceline Q (there were a slight jealousy since PAX weren’t as excited. Don’t worry, we love you Slumlord!)

Amphibious is sporting a new mustache. Check it out, at Arise tomorrow!!

Defib led us out.

PAX: Bulldog

QIC: 01/30/17