35 PAX entered the chilled urban gloom, posting at Uptown Funk to fully embrace a dusting off of an old time favorite in annals of F3 lore.  “The Kirk” commands respect and reverence from even the most savage and venerable PAX #SugarRays.  YHC observed literal silence at one point in the evolution, save for some heavy breathing and pools of sweat marking individual PAX territory like some military training PT session gone terribly wrong #Cohesion..

Set phasers to stun. Here we go!


Mosey over to Center City park for an unauthorized and highly illegal Warm up in middle of the park. YHC safely assumes that in 28 degree weather the outsourced security personnel can’t hack it and opts for the fartsack:

  • SSH x20
  • Sun Gods x 20 forward / 20 reverse
  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • Crab Cakes x 20

The Thang

Mosey back to Church Street parking deck to begin #Natville’s adaptation of a routine known far and wide in F3 Nation as #TheKirk…named for a Charlotte Metro Q who conceived this devious #downpainment.

4 sets of the following:

  • Carolina Dry Docks  x 7
  • Merkins x 14
  • Alt Shoulder Taps x 21
  • Goblet Squats x 28
  • LBCs x 35
  • Run down the deck to street level, then back to top
  • kirk

Rinse & repeat for 3 more sets.

As nearly all PAX completed all 4 sets, Omaha called to meet down at bottom of parking deck to plankl for the 6.  Mozy to parking lot for Mary.


We wrap the day’s chores up with something Quicken called then Superman Sun Gods, LSF’s, Crab Cakes and American Hammers.


  •  Tclaps to the 35 PAX that chose the #RedPill this morning. Great encouragement from PAX
  • Great effort from Minnie Mouse, Hackman, Dean, Chedda and others new to The Kirk.  Good On Ya’ boys!
  • Here’s what a few trips up & down the Church St parking deck look like… Approx 2.5 miles


  • Tclaps to the #Sugarrays (The usual suspects): Graffiti, Quicken, Cheesy Poof, Tebow, Beaver, Valentine, Prophet and others that made quick work of this morning’s evolution.
  • Mega Tclaps to Slumlord, Gilligan, Hoser and J-Love for a pre Ruck workout. Slumlord and J-Love kept their weighted vests on during the Kirk #Overachievers #Lookedgoodonpaper.  Ya’ll were motivating the hell out of YHC and the PAX
  • Welcome back Cotters to Chaps, Earhart and Gold Digger (great effort out there),
  • Tclaps to Explosion (still suffering from nagging foot injury) for posting with scooter
  • Big Tclaps to Explosion for checking on well being of a homeless female asleep in the stairwell of the parking deck.  “Tey” needed some rest and was going to a nearby church for some food.  Need we say more #HIM


  • Community Housing Solutions and our F3 partnership – Mid March will be our first work project of 2017.  Please see Butt Fumble for details
  • Tclaps to Butt Fumble, Slum Lord and the staff at Cycles de Oro for a spectacular blood drive.  45 pints were given.  They ran out of bags!!  Awesome 3rd F work in the community. #Giveitaway
  • Boy Wonder asks PAX to continue to lift up Dr. Phil as he is having some serious back pain/discomfort.
  • Slum Lord mentions a CSAUP opportunity called “The Fox” – 13 mile endurance/Spartan kind of thing.  Get with Slum Lord for details

COT:  Slum Lord took us out with uplifting message.

My privilege to help facilitate today’s work.  Awesome effort by all PAX to subdue The Kirk.  YHC ends workout with a bit of history for those of F3 Natville, reminding PAX that Jan 4th, 2015 marked the initial launch of what we now know as Uptown Funk…  12 PAX entered the icy gloom that day not even knowing what F3 could become. F3 Greensboro was a still a fragile thing at that time, yet here we assemble shoulder to shoulder less than 30 days removed months from Uptown Funk’s 2 year anniversary with 35 PAX posting on this 27th day, and hundreds more across Natville… AYE!!

Always a privilege to help facilitate a workout with you men.

Aye, Gunny

PAX: J-Love, Explosion, Beaver, Dean, Ashley, Streamer, Sugar Cake, Minnie Mouse, Valentine, Prophet, Hackman, UGA, Everest, Woody, Defib, Butt Fumble, Slum Lord, Earhart, Jordache, Buck, Tebow, Gold Digger, Cheesy Poof, Quicken, Chaps, Gilligan, Xerox, Drysdale, Boy Wonder, Chedda, Graffiti, Hoser, Sir Charles, HUD, Gunny (QIC)

QIC: Gunny