Welcome to the Nightmare was the introduction and following a brief albeit late disclaimer, we began with a warmup mosey to the “Hill” for some fun and games.


3/4 mile mosey to the hill with 100 Merkins sprinkled in along the way.


BLIMP – at bottom of hill in 3 man grinder style. 1 runner with core work at the top and BLIMPs at the bottom,

Totals: 7 Hill Sprints with mucho work on both ends! Kudos men for the effort put forth, hills make us stronger.

Mary: 3/4 mile mosey back to shovel flag with 100 Merkins sprinkled in for good measure, and because we finish stronger, various Pax decided it would be a great idea to add core work at each Merkin rest stop. LSF, AH, LBC’s & Low Dolly.

AH – X20 IC with 10 Burpees OYO to finish strong!

Its the “Hills” in this life that give us the opportunity to call for strength and grow in fellowship! Let’s keep fighting for truth, love and kindness and if necessary, go to battle to defend those principles! Above all , prayer is a phenomenal weapon- Amen.


Tclapps to the extra credit crew! Xerox, Buck, Papelbon, Yeti, Hoosier.

8.2 mile mosey with some more hill work – Hooyah!

Tommy Boy – Food Pantry Drive –


TClaps for letting me dip in/out of your workouts today. As you see fit, please include my address in your #BB today and let the PAX know they can drop off canned beans or vegetables in my front yard anytime today-3PM tomorrow:

2902 Friar Tuck Ct.

Tommy Boy

PAX: Wicked

QIC: 01/28/2017